Windows 11 : Microsoft a offert une fausse joie à des milliers d’utilisateurs de PC

Windows 11: Microsoft gave false joy to thousands of PC users

News hardware Windows 11: Microsoft gave false joy to thousands of PC users

While Windows 11 requires certain prerequisites to be installed on a PC, Microsoft made a big mistake by offering its upgrade from Windows 10 on machines that were not compatible with its new OS.

We know this since the release of Windows 11 last October: installing Microsoft’s new operating system requires certain prerequisites. Among them, we find the obligation for the computer to have an 8th generation Intel processor or a Zen 2 designed by AMD. In addition, the machine must be equipped with a motherboard equipped with a TPM 2.0 chip to activate security functions.

If your PC does not meet its requirements, then you cannot install the free update to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. This concerns hundreds of millions of computers around the world, and largely explains why Windows 11 is not adopted more than that by PC users. But this observation was without counting on an error made by Microsoft last week.

Windows 11 released on incompatible machines

Last Tuesday, many members of the Microsoft Insider program equipped with a computer incompatible with Windows 11 had the astonishing surprise of be offered the upgrade to install it. And it was not a display error: it was indeed possible to install Windows 11 on a computer that did not meet the minimum system requirements by going through Windows Update.

The situation did not fail to challenge the Internet users concerned, who published screenshots, in particular on Twitter and Reddit. Microsoft has also been alerted to the situation: the company quickly deactivated the update proposal. But many users had already done the installation.

An ongoing investigation at Microsoft

In response to a user who successfully installed Windows 11 on a computer with a 7th generation Intel processor, Microsoft was content to respond tersely : “This is a bug and our dedicated team is investigating it. Thanks for reporting it”.

If it is no longer possible to go through Microsoft Insider to install Windows 11 on a machine that is not officially suitable, many Internet users point out, however, that unofficial means of doing so have existed since the release of the operating system. However, there is no Microsoft support available in such a context.

Users of a computer who were able to install Windows 11 on their machine via Windows Update when it is not officially supported can revert to Windows 10 by going to the operating system settings. They will then find all of their files, as if nothing had happened.

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