Why Pixar's New 'Buzz Lightyear' Movie Is Censored In The UAE

Why Pixar’s New ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Movie Is Censored In The UAE

CENSORSHIP – For Buzz Lightning“infinity and the beyond” stop at the border of United Arab Emirates. The Federal State announced this Monday, June 13 the ban on the animated film of Pixar Studiosthe very first from the major American production company to contain a kissing scene between two people of the same sex.

“The animated film, which is scheduled for release on June 16, is not authorized to be shown in any cinema in the United Arab Emirates, due to a violation of the standards related to media content in force in the country. ”, announced on Twitter the Office of Media Regulation.

The spin-off of the saga Toy Story indeed introduces a new character, Alisha Hawthorne, space ranger and Buzz’s best friend. Although she is stranded on an unknown planet, she decides to live her life and start a family with her wife.

The kissing scene was first taken down by the parent company disney, then reinstated in the assembly last March following the outcry caused internally. “Almost every moment of openly gay affection is cut by Disney, even when Pixar’s creative and production teams object,” read a letter released by Pixar employees.

Movies with LGBTQ references banned

Buzz Lightning joins the long list of films banned because of their references LGBTQ in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Last April, this was the case for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessand before that for The Eternals. In January, the remake of West Side Story signed Steven Spielberg was also censored, due to the presence of the transgender character Anybodys, played by Iris Menas.

The rich Gulf State has a Ministry of Tolerance, relatively liberal compared to its neighbors but which remains governed by many restrictions on the political and social aspect. Reached by AFP, the ministry did not immediately respond to requests for clarification on the “norms” violated, while posters of the film were already plastered in the streets of Dubai.

This new ban comes six months after the country announced that films shown in its cinemas would no longer be censored, but only classified according to the age of the spectators, with a new category of works prohibited for those under 21.

The Emirates have in recent years adopted social reforms presented as liberal to attract more expatriates, the country being made up of around 90% of foreigners from all over the world. Despite these reforms, the NGO Human Rights Watch last week accused the authorities of criminalizing “vague acts”, such as any behavior that “offends public decency and morals” or that “incites a life of sin”. .

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