What is the latest Pixar worth?  'Buzz Lightyear' Will Divide: To Infinity, But Not Beyond

What is the latest Pixar worth? ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Will Divide: To Infinity, But Not Beyond

Lightyear (Buzz Lightyear): a thought-provoking modern action animated film.

It’s a nice sleight of hand dreamed up by Pixar. History of avoiding the eternal prequel to the successful quadrilogy, Toy Storydirector and screenwriter Angus McLane has found a solution: bring us to life, in animation, Andy’s favorite film, which inspired the toy creation of the Buzz Lightyear toy: Lightyear.

An adventure not necessarily placed under the best auspices. On a reconnaissance mission on an unknown planet, Buzz and Commander Alisha Hawthorne are attacked by gigantic roots and giant insects. If their laser machetes (hello nod to Star Wars) offer them respite, Buzz shatters the essential element of his ship while trying to flee: the energy crystal. By his fault, all that remains is to colonize the planet T’Kani with all the people immersed in an artificial sleep inside the craft. Or attempt to create a new crystal from local resources. A Space Ranger never abandoning a mission, impossible for him not to try this second option. While knowing that the instability of the crystal risks transforming each test flight into a monstrous fireworks display. But everyone was unaware of other consequences of his hyperspeed flights.

Too often, extensions of popular sagas are about reliving the same events to younger protagonists or simply reversing them. This time, however, originality prevails. Space missions go far beyond the scope of Toy Storywith many nods to Star Wars (hyperspeed, bridge in the center of an enemy ship, holographic messages), Alien, Jurassic Park, Top Gun, Stargate, Iron Man Where Guardians of the Galaxy. So many references intended primarily for parents.

Children, on the other hand, should fall for Sox, the cuddle-loving robot cat with quite delightful secret options and a cute feline expressiveness. But also for the action scenes, numerous, interspersed with moments of emotion (Buzz sheds a tear on an old photo) or delirious humor.

Navigating off the beaten and consensual paths, Lightyear (translated by Buzz Lightning in French) tackles complex themes (such as the passage of time and disagreement with one’s own values) or sensitive for some (a lesbian kiss which caused the film to be censored in several countries of the Middle East or Asia) the more naturally in the world, with tact and modernity. Enough to fuel some discussions after the screening. The fans, them, are especially likely to epilogue on a family relationship in contradiction with Toy Story.

To infinity but not beyond, less magical, imaginative and enchanting than previous Pixar productions, Lightyear opens new playgrounds for Pixar by getting closer to the spectacular logic of blockbusters. An approach that will divide, that’s for sure, but which has the merit of sticking to the evolution of society and stimulating reflection.

Unbelievable but true: an offbeat comedy, in every sense of the word

Here is a comedy totally impossible to summarize without revealing its most surprising and interesting springs, which condition not only the story but also the staging. For his new delirium, Quentin Dupieux wondered what would happen if a loving couple (Léa Drucket and Alain Chabat) bought a house with a magic tunnel with “dazzling, crazy, which can totally change your life”without daring to speak of it to their best and very libidinous friends.

A thousand leagues from Harry Potter, Incredible but true tackles pell-mell, in a raw or indirect way, the sexuality of the future (with an electronic member: “The interest? It’s flying!”), the American way of life (“A man is someone who knows how to handle firearms”), the obsession with youth and appearances, the lack of interest in administrative work, dreams of glamor or the charm of everyday banality.

This joyous mess impacts the realization, offbeat, in every sense of the word. It is at times very funny, at others very repetitive and without much interest. To be reserved for lovers of completely crazy cinematographic productions.

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