What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome suffered by singer Justin Bieber?

What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome suffered by singer Justin Bieber?

In a video posted on the Instagram social network, justin bieber appears, facing the camera, unable to blink his right eye, his mouth half blocked. “I can no longer smile on this side, part of my face is paralyzed”, announced on Friday the world star with 240 million subscribers, thus forced to cancel the rest of his tour.

But what is the 28-year-old Canadian singer suffering from? “I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt”. In question: a complication of shingles, a disease due to the reactivation of chicken pox, which we have, for the most part, all had children. However, in a great period of stress, immune decline, lack of vitamin D, this virus still lodged in our ganglion cells, located at the exit of the nerves, can resurface for reasons still poorly identified. And cause red patches, burning sensations, with small painful vesicles, similar to blisters, sometimes accompanied by fever.

VIDEO. Justin Bieber announces to suffer from paralysis in the face and cancels his next concerts

“This rash, called shingles, most often occurs on the ribs, describes infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido. In the case of the singer, it appeared along the two nerves of the face, the facial and the auditory, that’s why justin bieber has difficulty speaking and certainly hearing. But then why on the video do we not see any red plates or buttons? “He probably has some inside or behind his ear,” explains the specialist.

“A good month of recovery”

This Ramsay Hunt syndrome, named after the American neurologist who discovered it in 1907, is rare but can cause rare sequelae in the event of late diagnosis, which does not seem to be the case with the singer of “What Do you Mean? “, “Sorry” and “Love Yourself”. “This can be treated with antivirals and anti-inflammatories as well as with facial gymnastics exercises to rehabilitate the face, explains Doctor Davido, who expects a good month of recovery. He will not be able to go on stage this summer. »

In his video, Justin Bieber did not give any indication of the resumption of his tour. How to explain that he is affected by this rare complication of shingles? According to the infectiologist, “his immune system must be particularly sensitive and fragile to situations of intense stress, which explains why he has atypical shingles”. In 2020, the singer revealed suffer from Lyme disease and chronic mononucleosis.

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