Twilight: 10 big differences between the movies and the books

Twilight: 10 big differences between the movies and the books

Fans of the Twilight literary saga have surely noticed some very big differences between the novels and the movies. We decided to go back out of 10!

The Cullen coat of arms in the movies Twilight

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In the movies we find the Cullen coat of arms which is the symbol that the members of the family wear. This is Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first opus of Twilight, who asked the books’ author Stephenie Meyer if she could incorporate the crest to emphasize the loyalty they have to each other. Thus, Alice wears this symbol on her necklace, Rosalie on her medallion, Esme on her bracelet, Carlisle on her ring and Edward, Emmett and Jasper on their bracelet.

Waylon Forge does not exist in the books


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It is not uncommon for characters to be created in film adaptations of books, the proof with Nigel in the fifth installment ofHarry Potter. In Twilight this is Waylon Forge who appears in the film Fascination, and which is not mentioned at any time in the novel. He is presented as being a friend of Charlie Swan for thirty years, but is unfortunately killed by the clan of James in the first part.

The Jessica/Bella relationship


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Jessica and Bella’s relationship is completely different between the books and the movies. Twilight. In the books, Jessica doesn’t like Bella that much and will even end up dropping her to hang out with Lauren Mallory, who both hate Edward’s girlfriend. In the movies, Jessica doesn’t seem to hate Bella that much, other than being jealous of her. In addition, the character of Lauren is not even present in the cinematographic saga.

The revelation that Edward is a vampire in Twilight


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The timing of Bella telling Edward that she knows he’s a vampire differs from the books to the movies. Indeed, it is before the attack in Port Angeles and in her lover’s car that she reveals to him to be aware of her real identity, while in the books Edward learns that his sweetheart knows it in the forest located at next to Forks High School.

Bella’s Lullaby


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Edward often sings Bella a lullaby inspired by her when she falls asleep or has nightmares. In the movies, the vampire song is never blatantly shown, we don’t even have a specific moment where we say to ourselves “hey, that’s Bella’s famous lullaby”. We can assume that the scene where the lovers are in front of a piano and it is playing music is the moment of the famous lullaby… But in the books Twilight, it is self-explanatory since Edward often hums it. However, it is very present in the cinematographic saga, since Carter Burwell composed a theme entitled “Bella’s Lullaby” which we can hear at several times in the films… But it is just in the background as an atmosphere for certain scenes.

Bella and Edward’s first kiss in Twilight


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The first kiss with the person you love is a defining moment. Bella and Edward won’t say otherwise, except theirs differs between the books and the movies. Twilight. In the books, they exchange their first kiss next to Bella’s van after leaving the meadow, while in the cinema it is in the teenager’s room and in the middle of the night that they share it, after Edward pays a surprise visit to his sweetheart.

Alice’s past


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We can congratulate the films for having respected the history of the characters and their past to better understand them. In the books of Twilight, we know everything about the past of vampires, and the feature films return to the lives of Rosalie, Carlisle or even Jasper. But for Alice… It’s not the same thing. In the novels we know exactly what happened to him, but in the movies it is only mentioned. Moreover, it is James who tells his past in the books.

Cullen Men’s Size


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In the books of Twilight, the men of the Cullen family are described as being very tall, moreover, Emmett is supposed to be the tallest of all, then Jasper must be taller than Carlisle and Edward. In the movies, this physical trait is not respected. They’re not shown to be as tall as the ones depicted in the books and they’re all pretty much the same size when you pay attention to that detail.

A different marriage proposal in the Twilight

The first kiss between Edward and Bella isn’t the only thing that changes in the movies and books, as the first marriage proposal also differs. Edward’s first proposal takes place in her bedroom and Bella thinks he is playing a prank on her. In the cinema, the vampire proposes after an argument between him, Jacob and his darling. Admittedly, it’s not very romantic, but he later made up for it with the official marriage proposal!


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The grand finale of the last part of Twilight is completely different from that of the last book. In the book, the Cullens and the Volturi manage to come to an agreement without resorting to violence, avoiding a fierce war after Bella and Edward explain that their daughter Renesmee is not a danger. In Revelation, Part 2, the Cullens and the Volturi fight, killing the main characters in the process. But we learn that it is actually a vision of Alice’s future, and when Aro (the leader of the Volturi) learns that he dies at the end of this war, he refuses to challenge the Cullens.

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