Florent Pagny

Tribute from Amel Bent, heartbreaking for his friend Florent Pagny, cancer victim

Florent Pagny, his story

The artist is a singer and actor. Her notoriety begins in 1988, as a singer. In a register of pop, French variety, rock and world music. Since then many of his titles have become known. He has more than 15 million records sold.

Since 2012, his career took a new turn as he became a television personality by participating in the Jury of The Voice on TF1.

But on January 25, 2022, a new ordeal arrives in his life. Lung cancer prevents him from touring.

Florent Pagny does not lose hope, and even confides that, although his tumor is inoperable, she seems to have reacted to her treatment. Indeed, thanks to chemotherapy, his tumor would have gone from the size of a kiwi to that of a hazelnut. Proof that healing is on the way. Florent Pagny shows strength and hope in this fight against his cancer. He testified that he realized a problem when “I was coughing so much that I wanted to know what I had before restarting the end of my tour, scheduled for January 25th. I thought I had bronchitis that would resolve with antibiotics. Finally, I discover that day that I have a tumor”

The Voice creates friends

The jury of The Voice has changed a lot these latest years. Thus, Marc Lavoine and Amel Bent have integrated it. The two artists became very close to Florent Pagny. It is in an interview on M Radio, that Amel Bent declares all his support for his colleague and friend from The Voice. Amel Bent, who celebrated his birthday on June 21, thinks that “we cannot reduce this experience to what happened and which upset us all”. She also adds that although Florent Pagny is strong, he represents a lot in her eyes.

Amel Bent talks about his friend from plateau as “He’s the boss. Me, what upsets me about Florent Pagny is his naturalness, his frankness, his altruism (…) I had the chance to be seated next to him and today, I can say that it is a great man”. Also specifying “He is someone who talks to you, who says things to you, who probes you, he is full of love and yet he does not caress you in the direction of the hair, he is not a flatterer, he don’t have time for that”

She is not left out of compliments about Florent Pagny, testifying to everything the love, friendship and respect she has for him. An opinion well shared by Slimane, who, at the time, was coached by him. He says “Florent is the type of guy when he arrives on a TV set, he says hello to everyone and all the time. I really take him as an example in this profession, he really taught me a lot”. He adds that he was devastated by the news about the illness of his former coach, whom he himself describes as a member of his family.

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