Toulouse: barely replenished, Total stations are robbed by motorists

Toulouse: barely replenished, Total stations are robbed by motorists

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With a rebate of 20 cents per liter of fuel which is added to the 30 cents from the State, the TotalEnergies stations are taken by storm. Some are even out of gas.

In Toulouse, would the TotalEnergies stations be the first victims of their overly attractive prices at the pump? By offering a liter of fuel up to 50 cents cheaper than its competitors, thanks to the cumulative rebate of 20 cents from the tanker plus 30 cents from the State, the stations are taken by storm. Some quickly find themselves dry, to the great displeasure of their managers, condemned to block the entrance to their station with a rubalise. Like at the Roseraie, where a succession of 9 floats on the scoreboard.
Here, since this weekend, the pumps have run dry, but the shop remains open to supply passing customers with pastries, coffees, various products… Behind the cash desk, the manager spends his time answering the phone. “No, I don’t have fuel at the moment and I don’t know until when,” he said, hanging up. The latter admits to having “bad days” due to the dissatisfaction of his customers and the lack of frequentation of his shop.

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“Physically and morally, I’m not going to hold out, because I’m taking too many attacks,” adds this other TotalEnergies manager, who is suffering from a stroke of the pump. Its tanks have been empty since Friday. “When we are delivered, a truck gives us the day against 2 to three days in normal times. For one day, we have too many people and not the means to welcome them as we should and the next day, there is no one left, ”adds the manager. The fact that the tanker is cutting fuel prices, “it’s great, but for us it’s hell”.

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Known for being the cheapest station in Toulouse, the Total station on the boulevard de Suisse is lucky on this Monday morning, because it has just “received a truckload of fuel” which it had been waiting for since Friday. With the SP 95 at €1,355; SP 98 at 1.465, diesel at 1.504, cars are quickly crowding into the pumps. Virginie, who works just next door, has just added “€30 unleaded”. As for her neighbor at the pump, “coming at random”, she leaves with a full tank of diesel for 60€. She is right to take advantage of it, because the station employee predicts that in three hours everything will already be sold.

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Located on Route d’Espagne, opposite the Gallieni high school, this other Total station is in turn awaiting delivery. Forced to close the tap this Monday morning, after being delivered on Saturday morning, “but we were robbed this weekend”, explains the young man behind the cash register. “We have no more fuel to sell, it’s just a shame, but Total sets the rules and we do our best,” adds its manager.
During this time, the same Total stations on the edge of the Toulouse ring road are running at full speed. This is the case of the one located after the Cépière interchange, towards the city center, where the ten pumps are used by a continuous stream of motorists. “We were delivered this morning. Indirectly, we are considered a highway, ”says a station employee. So priority.
Here, the SP 95 is at €1,363; the SP 98 at €1,473 and diesel at €1,505. However, Magda is content to put 20€ of fuel in her tank. She is waiting for “the pay to fill up”.

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