Top Chef: The dessert imposed by Louise disgusts internet users

Top Chef: The dessert imposed by Louise disgusts internet users

The dessert imposed by Louise during the semi-finals of “Top Chef” disgusted Internet users. M6 screenshot

This Wednesday, June 8, a new episode of “Top Chef” was broadcast on M6. During these semi-finals, the candidates still in the running offered particularly imaginative tests… But the one imposed by Louise caused “disgust” among Internet users.

The end of this season 13 of “Top chef” fast approaching. At the beginning of the evening, they were only three. LouisaArnaud and Sébastien had only one thing in mind, to reach the final of “Top chef”. This Wednesday, June 8, the three candidates still in contention offered their own test to their adversaries. And one thing is certain: the imagination of young chefs has reached its climax. If Arnaud’s ordeal aroused many reactions and plunged Belgians back into childhood, with his fishing tuna, Louise’s caused a real feeling of “disgust” on the Web.

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The last woman still in competition has warned: her comrades will “hate her” when they discover her event. It must be said that the candidate of Hélène Darroze has an overflowing imagination. To prevent her rivals from scoring points, she imposed a dessert made from pork blood and poultry liver. Its recipe is inspired by an Italian dessert, and more precisely Neapolitan, the Sanguinaccio. As expected, Sébastien and Arnaud were puzzled when they discovered these two ingredients.

“She took away my appetite”

If the two candidates of “Top Chef” were flabbergasted by Louise’s ordeal, the chefs of the show were also. Paul Pairet, Glenn Viel and Hélène Darroze did not expect such a recipe, just like internet users. Hearing the words “blood” and “poultry liver”, mixed with “dessert”, many Twittos expressed their “disgust” on the social network. If in general, this cooking show makes them hungry by watching it, this was not the case with this episode. It totally “cut their appetite” so much they wanted to “vomit”.

“Vegans in PLS”

Other Internet users had a thought for all the “vegans” and “vegetarians” who watch “Top Chef”. For them, this ordeal around pig’s blood and poultry liver must have taken their breath away. Others, on the other hand, even wanted to become “vegan” after seeing these images.

Simone Zanoni and Philippe Etchebest, who has no more candidates, both tasted these three desserts made from pork blood and poultry liver. And in the end, it was Louise who won her own event.

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