This member of the royal family who formalized his couple during the jubilee of Elizabeth II

This member of the royal family who formalized his couple during the jubilee of Elizabeth II

The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, which celebrated 70 years of reign ofElizabeth II, ended on Sunday, June 5, 2022. For four days, Her Majesty’s great-grandchildren, including Prince Louis, stole the show from her. But they are not the only ones. On the sidelines of the event so closely scrutinized by the British people, a few other members of the royal family have caught the light. Thus, if Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton unveiled a baby bump surprise, the grandson of the monarch Peter Phillips, he formalized with his companion.

Princess Anne’s son first appeared at the Epsom Derby on the arm of Lindsay Wallace. In 2020, the cousin of princes William and Harry separated from Autumn Kelly, the mother of his daughters Savannah and Isla Phillips. This new relationship of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II was revealed by the British tabloids in March 2021. But Peter Phillips had never formalized this idyll until then. On the other hand, he naturally did things in the right order since he first introduced Lindsay Wallace to the Queen. It was a few months ago, during a hunting trip on the Windsor estate.

The queen has already met her new companion

The Queen is one of the most important people in Peter’s life, so it’s fitting that he introduces Lindsay to her“, said The Sun last January. The website Royal stories precise about this young couple that they have known each other since childhood and were both pupils at Gordonstoun boarding school. At 41, the new partner of Peter Phillips, Lindsay Wallace is a close friend of Zara Phillips, younger sister of Peter.

Has his ex-wife moved on?

What about Autumn Kelly? The mother of the daughters of Peter Phillips has also turned the page. She has indeed found love in the arms of Donal Mulryan, a businessman. The ex-wife of Peter Phillips initially hesitated for a long time to return to the country where she was born, Canada. She wanted to take her daughters there, once the divorce was formalized. A decision that naturally worried the royal family, and was followed by the intervention of Zara Phillips. A discussion that finally convinced Autumn Kelly to stay, as reported by The Sun in February 2020.

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