This cult series from the 2000s could make its comeback in film

This cult series from the 2000s could make its comeback in film

Currently, the trend is to bring together the castings of our cult films and series. This has already been done with a special episode of Friends or with the cast of Harry Potter on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone. Today, even if the rumor circulated for a little while, it’s a flagship comedy series from the 2000s that would certainly make its comeback in the form of a film.

A comeback that is becoming more and more concrete

Indeed, it is a cult sitcom broadcast between 2001 and 2010 on NBC and ABC as well as on M6 in France which could well make its comeback soon. Earlier this year, the ATX TV Festival in Austin (Texas) announced that the cast of Scrubs will reunite again for a special. Information that had also been confirmed by the members of the cast.

Scrubs is a medical series that follows the daily life of three interns at the Sacred Heart Hospital embodied by Zach Braff (JD), Donald Faison (truk) and Sarah Chalk (Elliott). The latter discover that medicine is frankly not a universe of all rest between emergencies, a tyrannical leader or even all kinds of patients!

This Sunday, part of the cast of the series was gathered around Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs, during a panel hosted by the ATX TV Festival in Austin. During the exchanges, the question of bringing the cult series back was discussed, all cast members present said they were 100% in favor as Donald Faison explained:

I think we all want it. We would all like to work together again. It’s just really complicated.

And for good reason: the whole team has a busy schedule, especially its showrunner. Bill Lawrence who works on the series Ted Lasso for Apple+.

Towards a revival on the big screen?

The actor who plays Truk in the series believes that for propose a revival of Scrubsthe serial format would therefore not be the best way and offers to bring the series back in another form :

It can’t be a full season, but it would have to be a movie or something.

If there is still little Bill Lawrence said he was skeptical about this idea, this Sunday he was more enthusiastic while referring to Neil Flynn, the janitor :

We are going to do it because we are lucky that people are interested in it. If you ever have the opportunity to work with people you want to spend time with, go for it! It’s worth seeing Neil in his jumpsuit again.

It remains to be seen when the public and the fans will be able to see the whole team of Scrubs (without the presence of Sam Lloyd who played lawyer Ted Buckland, who died in 2020) and if it will be on the big screen, for a season or during a special episode. Waiting, you can always see or review the entire Scrubs on Disney+ or discover what is the cast of the series like by consulting our Before / After.

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