La PS5 revient en stock maintenant tout de suite

The PS5 is back in stock now right away

News good plan The PS5 is back in stock now right away

A year and a half. A year and a half since the PS5 came out and Sony’s latest console is still permanently out of stock. A year and a half that with each restocking of PlayStation 5 stocks are emptied in just a few minutes. Right now, things are finally starting to get better. The second this article is published, there is even stock on a large online store at a normal price.

Throughout this first week of August, this article will be updated each time the PS5 returns to stock. There are more and more of them, and they now last between 15 and 30 minutes on average. Until recently, everything could be emptied in seconds.

In the meantime, we have been notified of the arrival of a PS5 stock at Fnac this Tuesday August 2 for 2:30 p.m. This article was published the second the packs were released!

The first contains the PS5 Standard Edition (with disk drive) + an official PS5 controller (the DualSense) red + the mythical Horizon Forbidden West, rated 19/20 in our columns. €499 for the console, €79 for the controller, €74 for the game, we drop to €654 per pack.

Buy the PS5 Standard pack + red controller + Horizon Forbidden West for €654 at Fnac

The second pack contains the PS5 Digital Edition (therefore without a disc player) at €459 + the official console headset, the Sony 3D Pulse at €99. We drop to 599 € the pack.

Buy the PS5 Digital pack + official Sony Pulse 3D headset for €599 at Fnac

Why these PS5 stock shortages? When will there be a real return to normal?

The great shortage that is ravaging PS5 stocks does not only concern next gen consoles. In reality, the entire tech industry is impacted. If consoles and graphics cards are the most expensive, it is simply because they are lower priority products in the production chains.

The most impacting shortage for our topic of the day is that of a small electronic component, the size of a grain of sand: semiconductors. These nano-technology concentrates are extremely expensive to manufacture and more and more industry is demanding them in large quantities. Supply can no longer keep up with demand.

On top of this tense situation, we must add the health crisis, which occurred more or less at the same time as the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. We can also mention the global geopolitical situation. All this does not help to restore the situation to normal in the shortest possible time.

That being said, the factories still continue to operate at full speed. More and more people are getting their graphics cards and game consoles and the situation is improving day by day. In 2023, it will probably be possible to finally see PS5s on the shelves everywhere.

JV’s Top Tips for Buying a PS5 ASAP

Today to have a PS5 anytime, you have to be ready to pay any price. The shortage has popularized the word “scalpers” and it’s quite sad to see it.

As a reminder, a scalper is a person whose business consists of surveying real or virtual sites all day long to buy as many PS5s as possible in order to empty the stocks of traditional merchants and build up their personal stock. In this way, scalpers can surf on the despair of gamers who cannot find a console in order to resell the precious object to them well above Sony’s recommended retail price.

Technically, the practice is not illegal, at least not to our knowledge. But a legal practice may very well be morally reprehensible. Besides, even if the scalpers find customers (otherwise they wouldn’t bother), they also have a lot of haters.

Frankly, we advise you to wait for stock returns like the one today to buy a PS5. To keep stocks longer, merchant sites put the console in big packs, but at least you get what you pay for. Scalpers often charge the price of a large bundle for a single console. Just take a look at Rakutenreseller platform containing very reliable people like scalpers, to realize this.

With the gradual return to normal, we strongly advise you to keep a series of tabs open and refresh them as often as possible.

  • See PS5 Stock at Amazon
  • See PS5 stocks at Fnac
  • See PS5 stocks at Cdiscount
  • Check PS5 stocks at Micromania
  • See PS5 stocks at Boulanger

We can only advise you to open customer accounts for each of the sites above (if you have Amazon Prime, even better). Then put the console in your wishlist to find it as soon as possible.

Understand that PS5 returns to stock almost never last more than a few minutes, especially when the machine is sold without a pack and in the standard edition (the most sought after). Every minute saved, even every second missed, every click saved is precious.

Often, the time to enter your credit card codes is enough to see a PS5 pass under his nose.

Also note that some merchants can send alerts to customers to notify them of a PS5 arrival.

It is also sometimes possible to have a PS5 by going to a physical store such as Micromania or Fnac. Some sell their PlayStation 5s as soon as they receive them and others practice pre-orders: they then add you to a waiting list (often subject to the payment of a deposit) and call you when they receive a PS5. This method also requires a lot of patience and finding a store likely to have PlayStation 5s.

Finally, do not hesitate to follow our site. This news will be updated throughout the month. Our job also consists of closely monitoring each restocking, so you will be informed almost immediately. Courage, with determination and a bit of luck, it will eventually pass!

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