The Lord of the Rings quiz: complete these Gollum lines

The Lord of the Rings quiz: complete these Gollum lines

Are you sure you know Peter Jackson’s trilogy perfectly, adapted from Tolkien’s work? To find out, try completing these 10 Gollum lines.

Do you think you can walk the paths of Middle-earth without even using a map? Do you know all the shortcuts to get from the Shire to Mordor? Have you traveled the Misty Mountains, Fangorn Forest, and the Plains of Rohan hundreds of times? So, are you a true Lord of the Rings fan? The time has come to verify that this is indeed the case by trying to complete these few lines of Gollum.

Portrayed by Andy Serkis in the Peter Jackson trilogy, Sméagol (aka Gollum) is a fallen Hobbit consumed by the power of the One Ring, which he kept in his possession for centuries. Seeking above all to recover his “precious”, he begins to follow Frodo and Sam and pretends to want to guide them to Mordor, secretly hoping to get rid of them to get his Ring back.


old age

It has been exactly 579 years since Gollum trod Middle-earth. Indeed, having discovered the Ring on his 23rd birthday, he spent the following centuries holed up in the Misty Mountains admiring its Precious, whose power allowed him to stretch his existence almost indefinitely. After remaining in possession of the Ring for around 500 years, he ended up having it stolen by Bilbo, Frodo’s uncle.


In the 1960s, the Beatles had momentarily considered adapting Tolkien’s work for the cinema themselves. A project that they had even submitted to Stanley Kubrick, who had refused. If the film had seen the light of day, the four musicians would have shared the different roles in the story: Frodo for Paul McCartney, Sam for Ringo Starr, Gandalf for George Harrison, and Gollum for John Lennon.

Technical performance

Gollum is one of the very first characters in cinema to have been created using the technique of performance capture: a revolutionary invention sublimated by the talent of Andy Serkis. Initially contacted by Peter Jackson to interpret the character vocally in just 3 weeks of recording, Serkis finally joined the set, donning a suit equipped with sensors to mimic Sméagol’s movements, on set with the actors, then in a studio called “volume”.

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