The Livret A rate is not the only one to have increased

The Livret A rate is not the only one to have increased

While theinflation devours the wallets of the French ever more (6.1% in July over the whole of 2022), the increase in the rate of the booklet A 1 to 2% on Monday did not come on its own. It was accompanied by the rise in the rate of other bank investments. Sustainable and solidarity development booklet (LDDS), popular savings booklet (LEP), youth booklet, etc. 20 minutes takes stock of the rise in regulated savings rates.

Sustainable and solidarity development booklet

On August 1, 2022, the Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet (LDDS) increased by 1% to 2%, as did the Livret A. As a reminder, its ceiling is 12,000 euros, excluding interest paid by the bank, and it can be combined with it.

young booklet

Good news for young savers aged 12 to 25: the remuneration of the young savings account will also be increased. Unlike the others, the State does not intervene on its rate and leaves the responsibility for it to the banks. On the other hand, this rate cannot be lower than that of the booklet A. It is therefore also increased to 2% minimum. As for the ceiling, it amounts to 1,600 euros.

People’s Savings Account (LEP)

This is the “most effective investment to protect savings against inflation”, assures Bruno le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance. And it is also “completely protected againstinflation on which it is indexed, according to François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de France.

The LEP, portrayed by the government as a weapon against the general rise in prices, experienced the most significant increase in remuneration on August 1st. While it stood at 2.2%, the rate of the People’s Savings Book officially fell to 4.6% on August 1, 2022. The opening of a LEP is done under conditions of residence and income and its ceiling is 7,700 euros.

Crédit Mutuel Blue Booklet

The Livret Bleu is only distributed by Crédit Mutuel. It works almost like the Livret A, with the difference of being governed by its bank directly. As of August 1, his rate of pay also rose from 1 to 2%.

Housing savings account (CEL)

The Housing Savings Account can be revalued twice a year, on February 1 and August 1, on the basis of 2/3 of the Livret A. At the beginning of the month, the CEL rate fell from 0.75% to 1, 25%. The accumulated savings, available immediately unlike a PEL, makes it possible to obtain, under conditions, a home loan or a work loan and a State bonus.

The Housing Savings Plan (PEL)

It has become the bad plan in terms of savings, whereas it is traditionally very used by the French. The Housing Savings Plan was not entitled to a revaluation. Fixed at 1% for six years, the rate of the latter did not increase on August 1, 2022. The remuneration of this booklet capped at 61,200 euros could still experience an increase, but it will not be effective before 2023.

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