The Batman: what the version with Ben Affleck that did not see the light of day would have looked like?

The Batman: what the version with Ben Affleck that did not see the light of day would have looked like?

Matt Reeves, the director of the recent “The Batman” worn by Robert Pattinson, was once approached to sign the aborted version which would have seen Ben Affleck re-enlist in the role. He reveals today what the film would have looked like.

The feature film The Batman, released in theaters this year, stars Robert Pattinson as the batman. But before this rereading by Matt Reeves, it was Ben Affleck who was supposed to find his character for a version that he himself would have staged. What would this failed project have looked like? Matt Reeves, who was once tipped to direct, lifts the veil.

“The script for the film, which was originally to be directed by Ben Affleck, was sent to me. It was a script written by Ben and rewritten by a very talented screenwriter”says Matt Reeves duringa Q&A session in Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast. “When I read it, I got the hang of it right away. It was a single-player Batman movie centered around Ben’s version of the character, but there was a lot more action than I thought it could. TO DO.”

“I didn’t feel connected to the film as a director”continues Matt Reeves. “The film had a very James Bond feel to it. There were plenty of bravura bits. It could have been very exciting to do for someone else, but not for me.”

And Matt Reeves to conclude: “I think Ben wasn’t sure if he wanted to do the movie because eventually he quit playing Batman. Probably because of his personal situation at the time and what he wanted to do.” Ben Affleck, who said he lived an “awful” experience on Justice Leaguealso indicated that he did not direct The Batman due, in particular, to his problems with alcohol.

Matt Reeves is currently working on the sequel to The Batman, again with Robert Pattinson in the role, as well as two spin-off series: one on the Penguin character and the other taking place in Arkham Asylum. a place that should also have been at the heart of the aborted version of Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck, for his part, will finally find his character of Batman in The Flash, whose hexagonal release is scheduled for June 21, 2023. A film which will see him coexist with the version of the character played by Michael Keaton in the opuses of Tim Burton , more than three decades ago.

“The Batman” seen by its director Matt Reeves:

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