The 10 favorite dishes, the ranking of the French: the host Raphaële Marchal does not leave the twittos indifferent

The 10 favorite dishes, the ranking of the French: the host Raphaële Marchal does not leave the twittos indifferent

Capture C8 direct/The 10 favorite dishes of the French

Journalist and food expert, Raphaële Marchal hosted this Tuesday, June 28 the program “The 10 favorite dishes, the ranking of the French” on C8. A prime time that allowed some viewers to discover his relaxed and playful character. On twitter, his style of animation has rather divided.

This Tuesday, June 28, 2022, C8 offered its viewers to discover the ten favorite dishes of the French. Next to Yannick Alleno, three-starred chef at the head of nearly twenty establishments around the world, journalist Raphaële Marchal unrolled the ranking, based on a survey by the CSA Institute. It is also an opportunity to meet the ambassadors of these regional or foreign specialities. Thus, the presenter went to meet Loic Villemin, the greatest chef in Lorraine at the head of the restaurant Toya, in order to discover the best version of quiche, ranked 7th. She will have learned in particular that a good quiche contains large pieces of smoked bacon, no cheeseand that it is eaten rather “trembling”.

Raphaele Marchal also went to elect the best veal stew de Paris, a dish hoisted to 6th place in the ranking, by testing the proposals of four brasseries. That of Paul Bert in the 11th arrondissement, considered more delicate than the others, was named the winner. Punctuated with games, such as the tasting competition peppers between Raphaele Marchal and Yannick Allenoor even the France-Italy pizza match, the show also distilled real nuggets of gastronomic culture.

The opportunity to learn the origin of certain names of dishes, to know that there were more than 160 varieties of couscous in Morocco, that the French eat more pizzas than the Italians or to discover the existence of Louchébem, butchers’ secret slang. In order to address the subject of Raclette, second dish in the ranking, Raphaele Marchal brought together the greatest chefs in the Alps in Courchevel, then organized a competition between chef Yannick Alléno and his son Antoine. While the first had to make a gourmet version, the second had the mission of making a street food recipe. A very moving sequence since Antoine Alléno died in a tragic car accident shortly after filming the show. The twittos had a moved thought for his father and all his family…

Revealed at the very end of the program, the favorite dish of the French is chicken and fries. A top ranking that surprised some Internet users. According to their comments on twitter throughout the evening, the show generally won a good following. The host, who took her first steps on television as a columnist for the show William at Noon on C8, she was rather divided: some found her a little too “screaming” and playful. Between bursts of voice and laughter, the young woman did not hesitate to give of her person to bring lightness to the program. Some tweeters have called for her to be replaced by Julie Andrieu, a food journalist with a more calm temperament.

Others, on the contrary, rightly liked this enthusiasm and found his accomplice duo with Yannick Alléno very successful. Let them rejoice, since a second program carried by the duo, and devoted this time to desserts, should be broadcast during the holidays on C8.

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