Teen Wolf: The unreleased trailer for the film inspired by the series is finally available!

Teen Wolf: The unreleased trailer for the film inspired by the series is finally available!

Get ready to find all the characters from the TV series Teen Wolf in a new movie!

When it was released several years ago, the teen wolf series was a real phenomenon. To the delight of fans, the werewolves will soon be back in a film inspired by the series.

Good news since the trailer for this film has just been unveiled! Something to help you wait until its release!

Teen Wolf, a series very popular with teenagers

You’ve probably heard of the Teen Wolf series. The latter has six seasons. The series ended in 2017, several years ago. This end disappointed the very many fans of the program. Fortunately, we have good news for them.

Thus, a film inspired by the series is currently in preparation. As a reminder, Teen Wolf is a fantastic TV series that takes place in the United States in the small town of Beacon Hills. You will then meet Scott, a teenager like the others.

Only, one night her life changes. The latter will be attacked by a strange beast in the forest. The young man will then turn into a werewolf. With the help of his best friend Stiles, Scott will try to understand what happened to him and who could have bitten him. But danger will be everywhere in Beacon Hills.

Dangerous creatures will appear. But, werewolf hunters will also arrive in town. If you were sad to say goodbye to Scott and his friends, they will soon be back on your screens!

The movie trailer is finally available

As you will have understood, the werewolves of Beacon Hills will soon be back on all your screens for new unpublished adventures. Several years after the end of the series, the latter returns in the form of a film.

You can then find all your favorite characters. In the casting, you can find the character of Scott but also that of Derek and Lydia. Another good surprise, the character of Allison will also be back. It remains to be seen how the writers will be able to explain his return.

The young woman had died at the end of the third season. A character adored by the spectators will not be back, it is that of Stiles. Regarding the plot of this movie, we have some information to share with you. According to the trailer, a new threat is settling on Beacon Hills.

This is an enemy even more terrifying than all the others. Scott is the only one able to muster enough allies to be able to defeat him and save his town. The young man will then have to call on all his old friends if he wants to have a chance of saving the city. This new film promises to be already rich in action and twists.

The release date of the film inspired by the Teen Wolf series

At the moment, we don’t yet know the exact release date of the Teen Wolf movie on our screens. As we have just seen, the trailer has just been released. This means that filming is well and truly over. You should therefore not have too much time left to wait before finding Scott, Lydia and all the others for new fantastic adventures.

Indeed, the film inspired by the Teen Wolf series should be released before the end of the year. We can expect a release around next fall. You only have a few more months to wait. So be there so you don’t miss the return of your favorite werewolves!

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