Spider-Man: No Way Home déjà de retour au cinéma en version longue !

Spider-Man: No Way Home already back in cinemas in long version!

Spider-Man fans are going to be in heaven. And for good reason, a long version of No Way Home is about to land in the cinema.

Great news for Spider-Man fans. In effect, a new version of the movie No Way Home will soon land on the big screens. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Spider-Man: The Success Continues

No one can miss the Spider-Man phenomenon. And for good reason, since its beginnings, spider-man keeps getting noticed. The films then follow one another and the success seems to be growing. In short, it’s a real box full for the latter.

It must be said that Marvel leaves nothing to chance with Spider-Man. Thereby, three different actors donned the famous red and blue costume. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland then succeeded each other. Yes, just that!

Moreover, the three cult interpreters of the character found themselves in a breathtaking film. Indeed, No Way Home appeared in the cinema and was wildly successful. It must be said that the fans of the superhero were impatiently waiting to discover the meeting of the three actors.

But in reality, Marvel doesn’t seem about to stop on such a good run. And for good reason, a spin-off on Spider-Man will make its arrival. And to the delight of viewers, a star of Euphoria appears in the cast of Madame Web.

While waiting to learn more about Madame Web, Spider-Man will be making a comeback in cinemas. And for good reason, a long version of No Way Home is being prepared. MCE TV tells you more!

No Way Home back at the cinema?

Needless to say, Spider-Man stands out as a very popular superhero. Thus, by bringing together the three emblematic interpreters of the character, Marvel was a hit with No Way Home. Not bad !

Faced with the crazy success of Spider-Man No Way Home, the production made a big decision. Indeed, Marvel Studios and Sony have announced the release of a new extended version of the film. Moreover, this version will also be the occasion to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the favorite character of the universe.

Fans of the superhero can therefore discover new images from the film. If today, nothing is still sure about the content of the film, the editing is however about to be launched. The More Fun Stuff Version is therefore likely to delight fans of the superhero.

To announce the great news, the official Spider-Man No Way Home Twitter account published a humorous post featuring the three actors. Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire therefore take the floor and announce the heavy. In addition, the famous meme of the latter appears at the end.

Besides, you can also read: “You wanted more Spider and you got it! #SpiderManNoWayHome: The More Fun Stuff Version is coming in theaters in the United States and Canada on September 2 ! Other countries will be announced soon! » Something to raise the excitement.

One thing is certain, Spider-Man has not finished surprising his loyal fans. They just have to be ready. And for good reason, something heavy is about to arrive. To be continued.

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