Sonic Frontiers: "players don't understand this new gameplay" according to the producer

Sonic Frontiers: “players don’t understand this new gameplay” according to the producer

Game News Sonic Frontiers: “players don’t understand this new gameplay” according to the producer

Judging by recent news, it looks like June is definitely Sonic month. Witness the recent gameplay video published by SEGA as well as the long interviews respectively published by IGN and VGC. With the latter, he talks in particular about his feelings about the reaction of the players during the broadcast of the gameplay trailers published at the beginning of the month.


  • “It’s not really surprising”
  • Sonic Frontiers: delay or no delay?

“It’s not really surprising”

In early June, gameplay footage from Sonic Frontiers were shared by SEGA. The opportunity for players to lay their eyes on this new episode of the blue hedgehog on consoles, supposed to give a breath of fresh air to the SEGA with its open world and the promise of a different way of playing. Nevertheless, the reception is so mixed that some ask the editor of the release of the title with the hashtag DelaySonicFrontiers. Reactions that do not surprise Takashi Iizuka, the producer of the game. Evidenced by his statements published today by VGC, who spoke with him:

It’s not really surprising (…) We realize that players react to the videos they have seen and because they do not understand what this new gameplay is, they compare it to other games that they already know.

Sonic Frontiers: delay or no delay?

In the rest of the interview, VGC asks Takashi Iizuka for his feelings on the request to postpone the game and if there is a chance that Sonic Frontiers will not see the light of day on the scheduled date. He first explains that he and his team are very satisfied with the results of the organized playtests: many players (who are part of SEGA’s target with this game) would give it a score of 80/100 or 90/100. A proof of the enthusiasm of his group for the game and that the development is progressing well. Barring disaster, there’s no reason Sonic Frontiers should be late:

If our development team catches covid or they are all hospitalized, we will need more time (…) We are working today with our team in Japan who are working hard to make sure that people can during the holidays, buy yourself the game, take it home and have a good experience with it.

On this subject, Sonic Frontiers is expected on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch for the fourth quarter of 2022.

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