Seven to eight: Diam's interview divides internet users

Seven to eight: Diam’s interview divides internet users

TF1 direct/Seven to eight screen capture

Diam’s granted this Sunday, June 26, 2022 an exclusive interview to Seven to eight on TF1. A sequence that particularly divided Internet users: while some did not understand that the ex-rapper who had fled public life was making another appearance in the media, others were delighted to see her back in shape and “appeased “.

A long-awaited interview… After seven years of media silence, Diam’s agreed to answer questions fromAudrey Crespo Mara for the magazine seven to eight this Sunday, June 26, 2022. On the occasion of the cinema release of his documentary Salamthe ex-rapper returned to her past as a star, but above all to her conversion to islam fifteen years ago. While all the spotlights highlighted the “dress revolution” that constituted his decision to veil, Diam’s especially evoked his “inner revolution”. That ofa suicidal young woman who found in Islam a lifeline.

His sudden decision to end his career was not understood by everyone. Diam’s, whose real name is Mélanie Georgiades, has agreed to explain the reasons to journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara. Although at the height of success, the rapper was not happy: “It didn’t fill my heart, it didn’t settle my worries […] We touch the dream of many people with our finger, and we see that it was only illusory. It’s super complicated to live and to explain to people”, explains the one who speaks of a huge inner emptiness.

If the fact of being on stage filled her in the moment, it was not sufficient or lasting: “During the two hours of concert, I forgot my problems, I was concentrated on sharing with people But there are 22 other hours in a day, and that’s unbearable. I’m in pain and no one sees it. […] It filled me up all of a sudden but like drunkennessit was complicated to go down then”.

When she tries for the first time to pray with a friend, forehead against the ground, she has a “revelation”. “I am convinced that I am at the place where I should be to speak to my lord. I felt listened to…”, recounted Diam’s, who therefore undertook to read the Koran and change his outlook on the “creation”. “Suddenly, I took the time to look at the sky, the moon, the sun. Started to look at what was around me and tell myself that I was part of a whole […] to be a believer is to become aware of the value of this life”. While many thought she was indoctrinated by her companion at the time, Diam’s recalled that she had converted on a beach in Mauritius from her own while she was single.

Today, the one who devotes herself to her children has only one goal: “To do only good around her”. While her veil has been the subject of multiple controversies, Mélanie declared that she was “a woman like all other women” and that the central axis of her life is to have faith above all else. On twitter, the ex-artist was mostly perceived as “appeased” and “happy” during this long appearance. Some considered that she was not “apologizing” for her religion, seeing rather in her interview the story of a personal journey, or that of a spiritual journey in the broad sense.

Other twittos, more refractory to the broadcast of this interview, did not understand why the one who left public life for many years is exposing herself again today to talk about such personal subjects. According to them, it is for her only a media stunt, in order to promote her documentary Salam.

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