Sam Neill finds his marks in the heart of "Jurassic World"

Sam Neill finds his marks in the heart of “Jurassic World”

“I never thought I would find the character of Alan Grant so many years later. Jurassic Park “, entrusts Sam Neill via Zoom from Australia, to 20 minutes. The actor, hero of Steven Spielberg’s film in 1993, reconnects with the world of dinosaurs to Jurassic World: The World After by Colin Trevorrow.

His partners again are Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, but also Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard“youngsters” of the saga inspired by the books of Michael Crichton. All these little people join forces to declare war on an unscrupulous businessman when it comes to genetic manipulation.

Dinosaurs and pandemic

“Alan Grant has aged and so have I,” comments Sam Neill. He hasn’t made great progress in terms of human relations, but it is perhaps this misanthropic side that makes him endearing. Sam Neill, however, remained faithful to the saga even when he was not taking part in it. “I saw all the films, which allowed me not to feel out of place when I met the characters who came after me,” he confides.

For his return to the dinosaurs, the actor had time to revise his role. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were stuck in a hotel in the English countryside for five months,” he recalls. There was a time when we were the only team in the world shooting, it fosters bonds because we didn’t know if we would manage to finish the film. The complicity between the actors was communicated to their characters that the dinosaurs would gladly take as a snack. “It made me very funny to see these incredible dinosaurs in animatronics like in Jurassic Park, he says. I really felt like I was traveling back in time. »

A child’s soul

This time travel did not prevent Sam Neill from keeping his child’s soul. “When I saw the finished film, I became an ordinary spectator again, shouting and clapping like a kid! “, he admits. He is not the only one as this entertainment multiplies the breathtaking action scenes. “I was in my place in the middle of the dinosaurs, has fun the actor of 74 spring. It’s wonderful to be part of a piece of popular culture of this quality that has survived the years without tiring the public. The presence of Sam Neill and the “historic” actors of the saga brings a not insignificant supplement of soul to Jurassic World: The World After.

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