Relaxed by justice, Alain Schmitt attacks French judo

Relaxed by justice, Alain Schmitt attacks French judo

After the confirmation on appeal on Friday of his judicial release, judo coach Alain Schmitt castigated Monday the attitude of the world of judo French, whom he accuses of “bias” in the face of the accusations of domestic violence brought against him by Margaux Pinot.

“Many people have come out of their right of reserve and have allowed themselves to speak after a release [en première instance à Bobigny en décembre]. For me it is quite serious. There were politicians, there were former teammates whose names I will not mention, ”said Alain Schmitt, bitter, during a press conference at his lawyer’s office in Paris.

The 38-year-old former judoka also pinned the president of the French Judo Federation (FFJ), Stéphane Nomis, who according to him “had a bias” and “reacted emotionally”. Teddy RinerClarisse Agbégnénou or the former Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu publicly supported the 28-year-old. The president of the FFJ said he was “stunned” by the release.

“Human beings with our faults and our qualities”

Alain Schmitt was arrested at the end of November in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis) and placed in police custody for acts of domestic violence, when he was preparing to take off for Israel to train the national women’s team of judo. Olympic champion Margaux Pinot accused her former coach and companion of having punched her several times in the face during the night.

The first trial in immediate appearance in Bobigny ended with an acquittal for “lack of evidence”. The prosecution had appealed. Shocked by this decision, the judoka had posted a photo of her swollen face on social networks, arousing a wave of support for her and heavy criticism of the court decision.

The former judoka considers himself a victim of the #MeToo context

On Friday, Alain Schmitt left the Paris Court of Appeal moved and said he was “relieved” and “happy” with his second release. The former judoka considers himself a victim of the #MeToo context. “It was good at the time to follow this movement of” violence has a gender, men are violent, a woman is not violent “when we are simply human beings with our faults and our qualities,” he said on Monday.

He also accused the authorities of French judo of having “caused him harm with [ses] future employers in Israel” by contacting them during the case. After the trial, the Israel Judo Federation terminated its planned collaboration with Alain Schmitt. The latter now trains the men’s and women’s national teams of Bulgaria.

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