Refueling as expensive as refueling!  - Insolentiae

Refueling as expensive as refueling! – Insolentiae

The electric car is a damn complicated mode of transport as soon as you leave your daily home-work journeys and remains very unsuitable for long trips.

This is shown by this article in Le Figaro where overall refueling the battery is as expensive as refueling, which is all the same damn problematic.

“It’s one more thorn on a path strewn with pitfalls. During one of our electric vehicle tests, we had the bitter experience of paying for a refill almost as expensive as a full tank of gas if the autonomy criterion is taken into account.

Leaving Paris to reach Marne and Sainte-Menehould at the wheel of an MG Marvel R, we judged it prudent to stop at the Ionity station before Reims to top up the watts. At the time of stopping, the on-board computer indicates a residual capacity of 47%, ie a range of 118 km. To avoid waiting too long, we decide to stop charging after 33 minutes. With a peak charge at 85 kW, the battery recovered 40% during this long half hour.

Double surprise when turning on the ignition of the vehicle, taking into account the consumption of the vehicle, the computer announces a range of 230 km. And the Chargemap network, to which we subscribe, sends an invoice for 28.74 euros to our email address in the minutes following the end of the charge. Without an agreement with the Ionity consortium, recharging with this provider is not cheap: €0.871/minute. Other operators charge per kilowatt hour. Difficult to find there.

Considering the autonomy, driving an electric vehicle is not cheap: 1 euro for 8.11 km. If we compare with a diesel-powered vehicle that consumes 6 liters per 100 km, which is rather a high range, it takes 13.8 liters to cover the same distance. According to the government site, the price of a liter of diesel in the Marne department is currently on average €2.01. In our case, this therefore corresponds to an invoice of 27.73 euros. The difference of 1 euro therefore plays in favor of diesel“.

Of course we go to these fast recharging terminals when we make long journeys, on a daily basis if you have a recharging terminal at your home and enough electrical power on your subscription, you can expect to recharge your car each evening at the rate home and work at your employer’s expense.

Added to this is the fact that the balance of electric vehicles between lithium and premature tire wear is certainly much more negative than what we are led to believe.

The boss of Peugeot was also upwind against the all-electric strategy which, for him, will undoubtedly end in industrial and also… ecological scandal.

Economically, electric cars are already a failure and a Berezina.

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