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Purchasing power: your old electronic devices can bring you an incredible fortune!

While the purchasing power of the French seems to be decreasing more and more for lack of inflation, there is something that might help you. Indeed, it turns out that some of your old devices could well bail out your bank accounts. We’ll explaine everything here.

Gold in your bottom drawer

Whether on purpose or not, not throwing away some of your old devices may well help you financially. And that can only do good for your purchasing power. Indeed, your old devices are comparable to treasures that have increased in value over time. It is according to a study of ecoATM that was put forward. This company specializes in recovery of old phonesas long as they are smartphones.

According to her, more than 11.4 billion euros worth of old electronic devices are lying dormant all over France. This sum means thaton average each household would have the equivalent of 392.50 euros in its drawers or cupboards. Sure, that’s an average, but still, it would be good for everyone’s finances.

A backup solution

The study also sought to determine why these devices appeared to be preserved and at what height. Indeed, the results prove that on average each household would have between two and three old telephones. “The French possess Thus on average 2.3 unused mobile phones for more than a year”. Moreover, still according to the study, it is more thana quarter of the French who would keep more than three phones at home.

The main reason for this device retention is usually “just in case”. And yes, this is also the reason why all kinds of things seem to be preserved. Well electronic devices are also part of it. Indeed, it is almost half of the people who have unused telephones who justify this choice by prudence. If they ever need it, there is an emergency solution.

Another worrying reason for this conservation is the recycling. Indeed, it is all the same one in five who even if she wants to get rid of old devices don’t know where and how to do it.

Recycle old appliances

There is of course an ecological way to get rid of your old devices. Much more than the solution that we see too often throw in nature. Indeed, you can bring your old devices to a recycling center. There are many collection points that allow even your old companions to find a second life.

It is in all more than 12,000 points which remain distributed almost everywhere in France. Also you can choose to do a good action by parting with old appliances. Indeed, there are many associations that would remain happy to pick up some old devices such as washing machines, dishes and many more. The best known of them is of course Emmaus.

If, on the other hand, in this difficult period, you would like earn some money, you can through your devices. Indeed, for all unused devices it may be possible that they are taken back from some stores. For example, the Fnac proposes to collect old devices in exchange for gift certificates. There are also stores other than Fnac, it’s worth looking into. Thus, you can do it on the websites of the stores to find all the conditions of recovery, of what boost your purchasing power.

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