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Purchasing power: here is the amount that the French lack to live decently, according to a study

The purchasing power of the French continues to decline. A study has revealed the level of their financial lack to live decently each month. The verdict is unanimous! These last few months have tested the purchasing power of the French. As inflation continues to wreak havoc and prices continue to rise in almost every sector, many people fear for their future. As Le Figaro points out, the majority of French people already recognize that they have had to restrict themselves. And this, at the level of purchases to meet their necessary expenses. In fact, nearly one in ten people say they have restricted their non-essential expenses or pay close attention to the price of the products she consumes in order to make ends meet… A study examined what the French lack financially to live decently each month.

The French complain about purchasing power

The French have an image of pessimistic people. Indeed, 66% of them are convinced that, in the current state of things, their purchasing power will experience a inevitable decline over the next 12 months. It remains to be estimated that 53% of people believe that the quality of their life is gradually deteriorating. For this reason, 59% of them had to reduce their daily expenses. According to the latest barometer of purchasing power carried out by Cofidis and CSA Research, non-essential expenditure is the first to be restricted. This observation does not surprise anyone, and the majority of readers will be able to confirm it. Anything leisure or non-essential purchases seems non-existent in this moment of inflation.

According to those responsible for this study, French households consider that on average they lack 510 euros per month to live decently. This money is not lacking for all that is leisure and non-essential purchases or entertainment. But rather for expenses necessary for daily living.If they had this amount, the French would not afford “pleasure” purchases, but would use it above all for essential expenses such as food (53%) or energy (29%). ) “, describes the study. A study made with the participation of about 1000 people, who therefore represented the French population.

The French would need an additional 510 euros

So, as explained above, according to the latest CSA Research barometer for Cofidis, the French are missing 510 euros per month. And this, to live well and with serenity as the end of the month approaches. This amount is a real record: it represents 43 euros more than last year. Indeed, this year is not the first year where the end of the month is difficult for the French. However, with the price increaseskyrocketing inflation and many other hardships, many households are now concernedand much more than before.

This surplus income would notably cover food expenses (53%), but also energy expenses (29%). Indeed, as Le Figaro points out, these two sectors have been hit hard by the rise in prices observed since the beginning of the year. The results of this survey appear as very worrying for the government as well as the French population… And for good reason, they reveal that the French deprive themselves in order to provide for their basic necessities. Food and heating. Two things that are not negligible and therefore no one should happen. Indeed, it is necessary to wait for food and energy for leisure to come into play. And for the moment, due to inflation, leisure does not even have a place in the life of the French at the moment.

Purchasing power: the first concern

For these various reasons, the French fear for their purchasing power. Indeed, the latter becomes, far ahead of health (34%) and the environment (27%), the main concern of the majority of French people (54%). This is one of the consequences of the general context, which turns out to be a factor particularly anxiety-provoking for the most modest households.

The concerns and fears of the French population seem entirely justified. Indeed, more than 68% of them believe that their purchasing power has deteriorated. Not just this year but over the past ten years. Gold, this year does not change the situation at all. As the situation does not tend to improve, quite the contrary. As a result, pessimism becomes the norm in the life of the French. And, therefore, any excuse is good for complaining. Even when the government tries to extend a pole by introducing aid. Help thanks to purchasing power lawadopted this summer.

The pessimism of the French in the face of the gravity of the situation is felt in many respects: they postpone their projects, restrict themselves in their daily purchases and try to find solutions to alleviate the impact of inflation. “, emphasizes Mathieu Escarpit, marketing director at Cofidis France.

Tips for recovering the 510 euros

To arrive at recover €500 per month is certainly no small feat. However, with the right tips, it is still possible, in order to fight for purchasing power. Indeed, it can sometimes happen, especially in this period of inflation, run out at the end of the month. And some solutions to this lack of money may lie before your eyes. You just need to know the different tips that could allow you to recover part or all of the amount.

Some Solutions may be to use their home or vehicle for their purchasing power. Or, sell items that are no longer used. You can also make the decision to cook instead of ordering prepared meals. A few paid activities like surveys can still bring in some money. In addition, in supermarkets, the government has ensured that certain products remain inexpensive. It is therefore advisable to shop in the promotions departments. Try to reduce your purchases of products that you can borrow. And this, such as books, tools or other objects. To help your purchasing power, consider going through hairdressing schools for your cuts, unlike a salon. Indeed, there are many other solutions like these that could allow you to save moneyand recover your €510.

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