Petrol prices rose above 2 euros last week

Petrol prices rose above 2 euros last week

The super unleaded 95 reached 2.1012 euros per liter on average, according to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The prices of road fuels sold in France rose last week, with petrol rising above the 2 euro mark despite the rebate at the pump put in place by the government, according to official figures published on Tuesday.

The super unleaded 95 thus reached 2.1012 euros per liter on average last week and the unleaded 95-E10 climbed to 2.0660 euros, according to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition arrested on Friday. These two types of fuel had not exceeded 2 euros, on average, since March. Diesel rose sharply, but remained below this symbolic threshold, at 1.9615 euros per litre. These high prices take into account the rebate of 18 cents per liter (in mainland France) put in place by the government, which President Emmanuel Macron recently announced would be extended in August, when it was initially to stop. end of July.

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Oil prices have been moving at high levels since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in particular and have recently experienced a new surge with the progressive embargo announced by the European Union. They were close to $120 a barrel on Tuesday. The specific increase in unleaded, which has become more expensive than diesel as is usually the case, also reflects seasonal factors. This fuel is indeed the most consumed in the United States, which is preparing for the summer season of long car journeys (“driving season“). “Since May, American players have been buying more unleaded to be able to supply, to supply the additional demand and this has a knock-on impact on prices in Europe“Explained last week to AFP Olivier Gantois, president of Ufip Energies and Mobilities, which brings together the major oil groups in France.

In a context of high inflation, the government is preparing a more specific support mechanism for “big wheels” in September. “For those who travel a lot of miles a day either to get to work or for work“, a device “will be set up (…) at the start of the school year to accompany (them)“said Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Tuesday.

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