OM: Longoria responds to the Veretout scandal and Clauss extinguishes the fire with Tudor

OM: Longoria responds to the Veretout scandal and Clauss extinguishes the fire with Tudor


Scandal in Marseilles.

While a agreement between Jordan Veretout and OM would have been founda hashtag #VeretoutNotWelcome appeared at the top of trends on Twitter. Fans blame the Roma player for his links with his father-in-law, sentenced in May 2021 to two years in prison by the Saint-Nazaire criminal court for sexual assault on his own daughter Rosalia (one of the sisters of Sabrina Veretout, wife of Jordan), a minor at the time of the events. In question: the fact that the midfielder trained at FC Nantes would have paid the lawyer’s fees for the culprit, who admitted the facts. A dark family affair which does not please some of the Marseille fans at all, which categorically refuse the player’s arrival.

Asked about the subject during the press conference presenting the latest recruits, Pablo Longoria did not go in the same direction as the Olympian fans: “There is a question in life. He is condemned ? It’s a guess, that he did something, I can guess about other things. Then there are other questions. You have to look yourself in the eye, have ethics, values. You have to do things well. A rumor is a reflex of current life. On social networks, someone puts something and everyone has to follow. Popularly judging someone, for a guess, is that fair, morally acceptable? I ask myself these questions. It’s the current society, we need to think about these things. You have to respect people. »

Another point of tension at OM: the methods of the new trainer Igor Tudor, which the players reportedly complained about. Also present at the press conference, the Marseille side who arrived this summer Jonathan Clauss returned to the meeting organized at the start of the week to ease tensions: “Sometimes there are misunderstandings. There are also sometimes things that tickle but as everything is new, what we offer in the field is very demanding, there is fatiguejudged the international to the four selections. It happens like that in all clubs. We discussed and we managed to put everything flat, that’s my feeling. »

Clearly, all is well in the best of worlds.


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