Nope: A Wild Final Trailer For Jordan Peele's Horror Movie

Nope: A Wild Final Trailer For Jordan Peele’s Horror Movie

The final trailer for the new film by Jordan Peele, Boopreveals much more, ahead of its release this summer.

Far away seems the time when Jordan Peele was known only to be one of the (best) comedians of Comedy Centralwith his sidekick Keegan-Michael Key. get-out, his first feature film, having caused a most astonishing stir in the world of horror cinema, he has since completely and without great difficulty established himself as one of the most interesting directors of the genre. After Uswho had transformed the essay, here we are all suspended waiting for his new film, Boopsince the release of its mysterious first poster.

Time (and publicity) did its thing and the mystery has since been cleared up. Each trailer or teaser revealed a little more, without losing our infinite curiosity as to the real stakes of the film, the filmmaker not sparing his surprises since his debut in the cinema. However, we learn even more (perhaps a little too much) in the final trailer, just revealed, of Nope, which lasts no less than 3 minutes.

Confirming what we had been able to discover in the latest horror movie teaser and that we could guess before, Boop explicitly sells well like an alien movie, clearing the sky of its disturbing cloud to show us instead its very vindictive flying saucer. All the frightening phenomena are deployed there in the first part of the trailer in order to then reveal to us what should make up a major part of the film: the UFO hunt.

With a lighter and more comic atmosphere, the protagonists call on the character of Michael Wincott to film what they themselves have guessed to be an extra-terrestrial presence (that is to say if the secret is no longer well kept) . They then confront themselves head-on with what seems to be the source of all the film’s alleged turmoil and terror. An approach certainly different from what we had been able to observe before, as well as a mixture of rather pleasant tone, but in contrast with the promotion of the film until now.

Do nope look up.

back with Daniel Kaluuya (get-out), as a rancher facing the strange cloud, will Jordan Peele be able to give us new thrills thanks to Boop ? We hope so and even though we are less disarmed than before (at least for those who have followed all the promotion of the film) as to what we will see in the film, we have no doubt that a successful scene will always manage to hit the mark, even where you think you are already prepared. Not to mention that we can also believe in some lures or advertising tricks, to divert us from the true hidden forces of the work.

Finally, Boop will be an opportunity to take a step back from this first trilogy of anguish offered by Jordan Peele, and to decide whether yes or nope, the return of a great horror cinema is well contained in his filmography right now already exciting. Visit, to find out more, from August 10 in our theaters.


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