Netflix: These films and series from the streaming platform that will not have a sequel in 2022!

Netflix: These films and series from the streaming platform that will not have a sequel in 2022!

Netflix is ​​canceling the release of some of its flagship programs. Here are the ones that will no longer have a sequel despite the expectations of moviegoers!

Sometimes, Netflix cancels the production of its programs. Even if the latter are eagerly awaited or there are many requests for renewal from viewers, it is possible that the platform will change its mind and cancel the production of several titles.

Indeed, it’s not just one but a whole list! Discover those which will therefore no longer be relevant from this year 2022.

Netflix: These films and series that will be canceled!

Despite the positive reviews from the press and viewers of the Netflix platform, this does not prevent the latter from making arrangements that are not too encouraging. Besides, this is not the first time that this kind of situation has happened. This is for example the case of Sense8, the flagship series of the Wachowski sisters. A title that was however highly anticipated.

Generally, Netflix takes the initiative to cancel a program if certain criteria are met. This can especially be the case if his budget is much too high. Or if it receives too many bad reviews from spectators and the press. But it could simply be due to a lack of audience. This is especially the case for dramatic comedy. On the verge.

This is a project directed by Julie Delpy and co-produced by Netflix and Canal+. Although its trailer has already been uploaded, unfortunately this series will not have a season renewal! Moreover, this information was confirmed by its creator herself via her official Instagram account! The platform just said that she forgot to announce the cancellation.

It is also a big loss for Netflix as well as for its subscribers! While the story still promised to be interesting and it has the potential to be a hit. On the verge is set to center on four middle-aged women trying to get by with their jobs, family lives, and relationship issues. Viewers are well and truly disappointed!

The list of canceled series and films continues

The essential American series launched on January 14, 2022, Archives 88 is also one of the series that will not have a sequel on Netflix. Although the mysterious and intriguing story aroused the curiosity of some, the streaming platform was not impressed by this program!

However, this American work received a rather impressive reception from spectators, as well as many positive reviews. Indeed, they judged that the story was captivating but above all very original! ” We hooked on it from the first episode, they found. Will there be a possibility for Netflix to reconsider it again? Let’s hope!

THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB, the hit Netflix series will also apparently end its second season. However, it still received good ratings on the platform. The television viewers wonder how this can be possible. Because yes, with so much positive feedback, it’s a bit weird not to renew a successful title!

But unfortunately, Netflix is ​​the one who decides and the renewal of the adaptation of the famous series of children’s novels by Ann M. Martin will not return to the platform. However its creator, Rachel Shukert is still proud of what she has been able to achieve in these two seasons of THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB. “It was a dream come true (…) and to have had the opportunity to present Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Mary Anne, Dawn, Jessi and Mallory to a new generation of fans”, she declared!

Netflix: Another life will also no longer have a sequel

After only two seasons, the sci-fi series will not have the chance to be renewed for another season. If on the Netflix streaming platform, it received a warm welcome and is recommended at 69%, the press judged it with a disastrous note of only 6%. The perfect proof of “everyone has their own taste. »

Indeed, the preference is not at all debatable. We can very well love a program that sometimes even pushes us to recommend it, while others do not even hang on to the first episode. Yes, it is a sad truth! Fans still hope that Netflix thinks about it one last time before making such a drastic decision.

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