Miss France 2023: transgenders and mothers accepted, age limit removed... the competition revolutionized?

Miss France 2023: transgenders and mothers accepted, age limit removed… the competition revolutionized?

Until then reserved for single women, aged between 18 and 24 and measuring at least 1.70 meters, the Miss France competition is regularly criticized for its lack of modernity. But some rules are reviewed for 2023.

Is a wind of modernity blowing on the Miss France competition? Under fire from critics lately for its rules deemed too strict and not inclusive enough, the competition could strongly evolve this year.

As indicated Le Figarothe rules have been greatly relaxed for the 2023 edition. Only the minimum height of 1.70 meters without a heel has been maintained.

Debatable changes

On the other hand, the age limit of 24 years has been removed, so older women will be able to participate. The competition also admits the participation of transgender candidates, provided that their marital status is mentioned as female. A novelty that Andréa Furet, in the running for the Miss Paris contest, has decided to take advantage of.

A decision far from being to the taste of Geneviève de Fontenay, the former president of the Miss France committee, who said she was “very shocked by the possibility of seeing the Miss France contest for transgender candidates”. “It’s an election that symbolizes elegance in a healthy and national atmosphere! We must stop destroying the image of Miss France”she continued.

But this is not the only novelty that could occur during the next edition. Indeed, for the first time, a married candidate and mother of a 3-year-old girl is embarking on the adventure. This is Victoire Rousselot, 27, who will first have to become Miss Alsace before participating in the national competition.

For DNA, this candidate like no other said she wanted to “prove that it is possible to combine professional career and family life by being the first Miss mother and bride.”

Who in the presidency?

Another probable novelty, the presidency. While Sylvie Tellier, at the head of the competition for 15 years, is announced on departure, rumors are rife about those who could replace her. C news notably returned to the forecasts by Delphine Wespiser. “I can see Elodie Gossuin, Sonia Rolland or Sophie Thalmann.”

“You must at least have seen ten years pass since her coronation to understand the evolution of Miss France, to have maturity and to master the management of many things such as the press.”

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