Minecraft: This player who has no life achieves an incredible feat!

Minecraft: This player who has no life achieves an incredible feat!

Ah Minecraft, this wonderful world in which we have the possibility of going on an adventure to kill the Ender Dragon, all while having built our little house, or else to build, build, and build again to finally have true masterpieces in our world…

However, if these different activities can take a lot of time, especially when it comes to building, a player has found another way to have fun and waste a lot of time: mine his entire map!

A player has been mining his solo Minecraft map for 5 years

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of recent years, and one of the reasons for this is certainly the fact that it offers several possibilities to have fun, but also incredibly large worlds that only require a thing: to be explored from top to bottom. well the YouTuber by the name of Minthical decided to explore his world in the smallest details, but in a very particular way since he decided to undermine the entirety of the latteran incredibly huge task and one that he has been undertaking for five years now.

His goal: to dig absolutely the entire surface of his map and collect the blocks to arrive at the very last layer of the game which happens to be stone called Bedrock (the bedrock, shall we say). The latter is simply impossible, at least in survival mode, to destroy since if you destroy it, you will fall into an infinite void. Moreover, where the feat is even crazier is that our player and YouTuber performs this task without using any mods, and all while playing in survival mode!

Last December, Minthical had already mined no less than 38 million blocks, and the total of these would be estimated at around 47 million.. At the time of writing these lines, we can assume that he is coming to the end of his task. But then, what will be the sequence of events? Well if we could have thought that it was going to stop there, it is not so. The player has indeed declared that after having finished mining his entire map, at least the Overworld part, he will attack the other worlds with the Nether and the End… If the region of the ‘End seems much less substantial than that of the Overworld, the Nether part will most likely be quite strong on its side, especially since we have since had the right to an update focused on this whole part of the game.

Therefore, see you in 5 years to find out where our minor is. Maybe he’ll be done with it all? We hope so for him!

Exit version 1.19.1 of Minecraft and welcome to version 1.19.2! For the past few days, the cubic title from Mojang Studios has indeed offered players this new version, but then, what are the novelties? Well it’s time for us to take stock.

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