McDonald's reopens in Russia, renamed 'Vkousno & tochka'

McDonald’s reopens in Russia, renamed ‘Vkousno & tochka’

McDonald’s restaurants will now be called “Delicious. Point”. A name chosen by the group’s new owner, Oleg Paroïev.

The old restaurants in Russia of the group McDonald’swhich had announced its departure after more than 30 years of presence in response to the conflict in Ukraine, were renamed “Vkusno i tochka(Delicious. Period) by their new Russian owner.

The new name is “Vkusno i totchka”“, declared during a press conference the general manager of the Russian group Oleg Paroïev. This Sunday, 15 first establishments in Moscow will make this change. Then, fifty other restaurants will be open on Monday. The signs will not be the only ones to change their names, because the famous hamburgers will also be renamed.

For his part, the owner of the group, Alexander Govor, assured that the 51,000 former employees of McDonald’s across Russia would keep their jobs. “I am very proud that the honor of developing this company has been given to me. I am ambitious and I plan not only to open the 850 restaurants, but also to develop new ones“, he added. Alexandre Govor, 62, has until now owned franchised McDonald’s restaurants in several cities in Siberia.

“The quality of service remains the same”

Restaurant “showcaseunder the Russian flag is due to open at noon local time on Sunday in Pushkin Square, Moscow, but a few others have already opened, according to Russian agencies. Pushkin Square is the historic restaurant where the first McDonald’s opened in January 1990, just under two years before the collapse of the USSR. The Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, visited this emblematic restaurant on Sunday morning, assuring on Telegram messaging that “the quality of service would remain the same“.

Oleg Paroïev clarified that the prices of the hamburgers would be slightly higher than those practiced by the American chain due to inflation in Russia, while ensuring that they would remain “affordable“. McDonald’s, which had temporarily closed its stores in Russia at the beginning of March, announced in mid-May that it was definitively withdrawing from the country and selling all its activities, justifying this decision by the need to “remain adamant“as for his”values“.


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