Marvel: Chris Evans does not say no to a return of Captain America in the MCU

Marvel: Chris Evans does not say no to a return of Captain America in the MCU

Three years later Avengers: EndgameChris Evans does not close all the doors for a reappearance of his character at Marvel.

Of all the now retired MCU actors, Chris Evans may be one of the busiest right now. Having hung up his Captain America character’s shield, leaving it to others to succeed him somehow, he does not seem to be short of projects. Featured in the future big Netflix release, The Gray Manor performing the voice of the eponymous hero in the next Buzz Lightning, Chris Evans does not yet have reason to regret his departure.

It is all the same for a good decade that the actor was the superhero, leader of the Avengers, and it will not be easy, even years later, to make fans forget it. The page will definitely have to turn, however, but is it absolutely for Chris Evans? Whereas Thunderbolts just found its director and Captain America 4 is in production, these new films very connected to the role that the actor held for ten years excite the imagination as to possible reappearances (even brief) of it.

No Avengers for old men

In an interview with Phase Zero, Chris Evans spoke about his point of view on the rumor suggesting that Steve Rogers could return, even after the conclusion of his arc, in Avengers: Endgame. And clearly, the actor hasn’t been adamant, but he currently has no plans to return to the MCU and great caution about reprising a role that has been so important to him:

“It looks like that’s what people would want. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I don’t know, it would be difficult. It was such a good adventure and I’m happy with it. It’s so precious to me – it would have to be perfect.”

Even if this return would be expected by some fans, Chris Evans does not want to take the risk of spoiling the arc of his character on the altar of “always more.”

Fantastic Four : photo, Chris EvansTime has passed and Chris Evans is no longer one to get fired up

However, this is not a definitive “no” for the actor. As we now know, everything is possible with Marvel and it is rare for actors, in interviews, to tell the truth about what will truly happen to their character. Chris Evans’ only real commitment is its important requirement as to the treatment of this return or reappearance of Captain America. It could be a simple cameo like a more substantial intervention, but it should happen in the rules of the art if his word is heard.

In the meantime, Chris Evans will perhaps forget these rumors a little thanks to his next roles and his presence on other fictions than that of Marvel, letting his MCU companions shine: in particular Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, who have become his heirs. in the Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


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