Makonda encense Vitinha "il a constamment comblé des brèches"

Makonda praises Vitinha “he constantly filled in the gaps”

Paris Saint-Germain have strengthened this summer with the arrival of 22-year-old midfielder Vitinha. Author of his first tenure against FC Nantes, 4-0 victory, during the Trophée des Champions on Sunday evening, the Portuguese midfielder has already made people happy. Indeed, Trippy Makonda, former PSG player, explained in The Parisian, what the contribution of Vitinha changes to PSG and evokes an express adaptation.

Makonda “It’s like he’s been there a long time”

“This is where we see that football is a universal language: it has adapted very quickly to the players around it. It’s like he’s been there a long time. It’s a bit like in Tetris, he constantly filled in gaps. We saw it on the first goal: Verratti comes to take the ball, and as soon as Vitinha sees Neymar go down, he places himself as a striker.

Makonda “His connection with Verratti is already a good omen”

He fixes two Nantes players, and that allows Neymar to make the pass which finds Messi. Paris did not have profiles that could make you gain meters with the ball, have this adaptive intelligence in relation to the players around him. Afterwards, we still felt a little apprehensive, he had the brake, he did not dare to throw certain teammates in depth. But that’s normal, it’s only his first official match, and his connection with Verratti is already a good sign. »

Crowned with 42 successful passes out of 42, the young Vitinha scored points. While PSG struggled in the middle last season, Luis Campos found a fiery and hard-working player. In addition, his game intelligence seems impressive, he goes where there is room, knows how to place himself between the lines, plays fair. We can regret his lack of risk-taking, especially in deep passes.

This also explains his 100% successful passes, where Marco Verratti, 29, missed a few, but with a much greater risk-taking. But for a first official game, it’s extremely promising. Vitinha seems comfortable at PSG and ready to do great service for his club. We ask for more. It still needs to ramp up, which bodes well for the future.

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