Lidl hits hard with an ultra-efficient, low-cost anti-mite vacuum cleaner!

Lidl hits hard with an ultra-efficient, low-cost anti-mite vacuum cleaner!

Lidl accompanies, day after day, its customers for smart purchases. The sign does not stop chaining the offers. The good surprises are there every week. You have to stay on the lookout so as not to miss the opportunities offered by Lidl in different departments. Indeed, the German brand already has a strong reputation for its food discount. Fresh produce is legion. There are also innovative products with unique flavors, but always at very low prices. There are even processed products created by great chefs. Lidl obviously does not stop there. The brand has also become a reference in terms of home equipment and household appliances. From the kitchen to the garden, there are really practical appliances and, above all, very affordable! Some are so popular with customers that stocks are running out in the blink of an eye! This time, Lidl is going to help you keep your home healthy!

SilverCrest dust mite vacuum cleaner

Lidl is selling an ultra-practical anti-mite vacuum cleaner. This will allow you to clean up your interior. This will allow you to clean your sheets, your cushions, your sofa or other furniture. You will also be able to use it on certain clothes. Its action is effective against mites, pathogens and bacteria. It is the ideal ally for fast and effective cleaning for a home free of the risk of allergies or infections. No more dust and impurities thanks to this Lidl vacuum cleaner! It has three functions that can be combined: UV lamp, “beat and roll” function and obviously a suction. The UV lamp makes it possible to sterilize surfaces without the slightest use of chemicals, completely dry! The light activates automatically (once the switch is activated) as soon as the vacuum cleaner comes into contact with a surface.

Lidl helps you get rid of dust, dust mites and pollen

Lidl has equipped this Silvercrest dust mite vacuum cleaner a 125 ml collection tank. No need for a bag, dust and waste will be collected directly in this removable stocking. It will then be very easy for you to empty it and clean it if necessary. Furthermore, two washable HEPA filters. These are able 99.97% dustpollens or bacteria of a size of 0.3 micron. A formidable efficiency which should make this vacuum cleaner a real ally in your daily life. Lidl has also provided a long connection cable of about four meters. This is enough to offer you flexibility and maneuverability for cleaning a bed, for example. Price level, this anti-mite vacuum cleaner is sold, online, at 39.99 euros. This is one more reason to equip yourself with this device which will be beneficial for your health and your wallet!

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