Le Dîner de idiots quiz: complete these famous lines from the film

Le Dîner de idiots quiz: complete these famous lines from the film

While “Le Dîner de cons” is broadcast this evening on TF1, check that you are really a fan of this famous film by Francis Veber by trying to complete the lines of François Pignon and Pierre Brochant.

Do you never get tired of seeing and re-watching Francis Veber’s famous comedy? Have you already spent your evening several times with François Pignon (Jacques Villeret) and Pierre Brochant (Thierry Lhermitte)? In short, are you an unconditional fan of the Dîner de cons? While it is being broadcast again this evening on TF1, check that you have not forgotten the lines of this cult film by trying to pass our quiz without fail.

Directed by Francis Veber in 1998, adapted from a famous play (also by Veber) and winner of three César awards in 1999, Le Dîner de cons follows the very eventful evening of Pierre Brochant, a Parisian publisher who head to invite François Pignon to a dinner with friends to have fun. However, things do not go at all as he had planned…


Suitable for USA

On the strength of its incredible success at the French box office (9 million admissions), The dinner of fools was entitled to its American remake ten years later. Initially considered by Steven Spielberg – who had laughed a lot when he discovered the film – this new adaptation was finally directed by Jay Roach, with Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Zach Galifianakis.

On the coffee table

Keep your eyes peeled when you (re)discover the feature film on TF1 tonight. Placed on one of Pierre Brochant’s coffee tables, you can see a book entitled “Poiret”. Could this be a wink from director Francis Veber to his friend, actor Jean Poiret, who had adapted La Cage aux Folles alongside him?

From Perrin to Pignon

18 years before Le Dîner de Cons, Francis Veber signed another mythical comedy: La Chèvre. Finally embodied by Pierre Richard (alongside Gérard Depardieu), the character of François Perrin had initially been proposed to Jacques Villeret, who was to share the poster with Lino Ventura. The latter having refused to play with Villeret, Veber had been forced to change his plans reluctantly, which had particularly affected the actor. Fortunately, the filmmaker was able to make up for it almost 20 years later, by offering Villeret one of his most famous roles in Le Dîner de cons.

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