Karole Rocher: Thomas Ngijol's companion cracks up live on the radio

Karole Rocher: Thomas Ngijol’s companion cracks up live on the radio

Invited to Europe 1 on Tuesday June 14, 2022, Karole Rocher, the companion of Thomas Ngijol, cracked in full live. In question ? Childhood memories brought to the surface…

She couldn’t hold back her tears. Tuesday June 14, 2022, during his passage on Europe 1 in the Culture media program, Karole Rocher cracked in full live. Indeed, the companion of Thomas Ngijol, who came to discuss the release of the film “Fraté” which she co-directed, was overcome with emotion during the column of the journalist Lisa-Marie Marques for the portrait of the cultural guest. “You spent your summers in Corsica, in Vezzani, the village of your grandparents (…) and they had boundless admiration for you, especially when you imitated Dalida on the song ‘He had just turned 18′” she reminded him. While waiting for the music to sound in the Europe 1 studio, Karole Rocher could not hide her emotion. After taking off her glasses, the mother of the family wiped away her tears. “It picked you up Dalida” has also pointed out the host Philippe Vandel. “Yes because it’s true, I sang and I have an infinite love for my grandmother. That’s why I’m also very moved to make this film. From where she is, in my opinion, she must to be very happy. Each time I stood in front of her and I sang Dalida, it touches me a lot” explained Karole Rocher.

Karole Rocher mom: a dream come true

She who has always been very close to her grandmother has always wanted to create her own family. It was a little girl’s dream. From the age of 12, the comedian’s companion already imagined herself as a mother with a large house. “I wanted to have children, it was my dream” she confirmed on the airwaves. As a reminder, she is the mother of four daughters: Barbara Biancardini (1996), Gina (2001), Angelina (2014) and Carmen (2017), the latter two being from her relationship with Thomas Ngijol.

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