Jurassic World quiz: can you recognize these dinosaurs?

Jurassic World quiz: can you recognize these dinosaurs?

Want to become a paleontologist since you discovered Jurassic Park? This quiz is for you!

The third and final part of the Jurassic World saga was released last Wednesday in our dark rooms. Launched in 2015 by Colin Trevorrow, the new trilogy worn by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard is coming to an end.

A true fan of Steven Spielberg’s first trilogy, Colin Trevorrow – who had left the production of Fallen Kingdom to Juan Antonio Bayona – returns to directing for The World After.

He explains : “These films are an opportunity to share the last chapters of a story that we have been telling for more than 30 years in the warmth of a wood fire. It’s a world that Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton created together and I was lucky enough to have custody of it for three movies. […]“.

Since the release of Jurassic Park in 1993, many viewers have become dinosaur fans.

On the occasion of the release of the final part of the saga, we offer you a quiz on dinosaurs. Can you answer these 7 questions?

The importance of Jurassic Park for paleontology

Stephen Brusatte, consultant on The World After and professor of paleontology and evolution of species at the University of Edinburgh, also believes that Jurassic Park is:

The most important thing that has ever happened to paleontology since the beginning of this century.

According to him, Steven Spielberg’s film has made dinosaurs popular and has continued to arouse vocations among young budding paleontologists.

He explains in the film’s press kit: “It had a snowball effect and budgets for research expanded, as well as the number of university courses, museum exhibitions, and many other ameliorative effects that we continue to benefit from today. after day“.

And dinosaur fans will rejoice because the team tried to include recently discovered dinosaurs in the film and took into account the latest findings that probably all dinosaurs were covered in feathers.

the National Geographic explains that in 2017, paleontologists in Siberia discovered the fossils of a fluffy bipedal dinosaur dating back 160 million years. It was the sixth feathered species belonging to the group of theropods discovered during the last twenty years.

Universal Pictures France

Colin Trevorrow and the Giganotosaurus

27 animatronics

Special effects specialist and animatronics expert John Nolan led the creation of 27 animatronic dinosaurs, including a dozen new creatures.

Among these new dinosaurs, one can quote the Oviraptor, the Dreadnoughtus, the Microceratus or the Iguanodon but also the Atrociraptor, a dinosaur which really existed and whose remains were discovered for the first time in 2004, as well as the Pyroraptor, a small bipedal dinosaur, discovered in 2000 in Provence.

The film therefore mixes animatronics and digital effects. To distinguish an animatronic from a digital effect, you have to observe the speed of movement of the dinosaurs. For example, while Blue is all digital because she moves constantly and very quickly, her little one, Beta, is a mix of animatronic, doll, and digital.

Jurassic World: The World After is to be discovered in theaters.

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