Johnny Depp trial: Amber Heard's sister comes out of silence after the verdict

Johnny Depp trial: Amber Heard’s sister comes out of silence after the verdict

Whitney Heard Henriquez, who had testified in favor of her sister during the trial, renewed her support in a message posted on Instagram.

Whitney Heard Henriquez, sister of Amber Heard, sends her support to the star ofAquaman. Almost a week after the verdict of the trial which opposed the actress to Johnny Depp, largely favorable to the latter, she publishes a message on Instagram.

“I remain by your side, my sister. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I will always be proud of you for standing up for yourself, for having testified (…) and for being the voice of so many people who cannot not talk about the things that go on behind closed doors.”

“You spoke despite everything”

After six weeks of a high-profile libel trial in Fairfax, Virginia, where each side accused the other of domestic violence, Amber Heard was sentenced last week to to pay 15 million dollars to her former husband, when this one was condemned to pay only 2 million dollars to Amber Heard.

Called to testify at the bar, Whitney Heard Henriquez had claimed to have seen Johnny Depp throw a can in the face of his nurse, which the latter had denied, as reported CNN. Amber Heard’s sister also claimed to have seen her former brother-in-law beat the actress herself. Today, she feels the “cards were against” her sister:

You stood up and spoke regardless. I am so honored to testify for you, and I will do it again a million times because I know what I saw and because forever, the truth is on your side. I am so sorry that this was not reflected in the decision of this jury, but I will never give up on you, like all those who have supported you. By your side forever…”

Show trial

Johnny Depp, married from 2015 to 2016 with Amber Heard, had attacked her for defamation for a column published in 2018 by the washington post in which she presented herself as “a public figure representing domestic violence”, without naming her former husband. The actress had counter-attacked with another lawsuit for defamation. The six weeks of the trial broadcast live in the United States were the scene of a great unpacking on the most scabrous details of their life as a couple.

Amber Heard, for example, recounted an argument followed by an alleged rape in March 2015, during the couple’s stay in Australia where Johnny Depp was filming the 5th episode of the saga. Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp mentioned the day when Amber Heard would have soiled the marital bed.

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