"I was a little worried when I left": the disappointment of Raphaël de Casabianca before his "Rendezvous in unknown land" with Oli

“I was a little worried when I left”: the disappointment of Raphaël de Casabianca before his “Rendezvous in unknown land” with Oli

FIGARO LIVE – This Tuesday evening, the host and travel lover offers a new number of the legendary France 2 show with the rapper of the group Bigflo and Oli. On the “Buzz TV” set, he reveals behind the scenes.

For his fifthMeeting in unknown land», Raphael de Casabianca invited rapper Oli to meet the Vézos. For three weeks, the group member Bigflo and Oli thus shared the life of this people of rowers fishermen living on an islet located in the south-west of Madagascar. The other rapper of the group, Flo, will accompany his brother to the airport but will not come with the duo of adventurers. For what reasons? Guest of “Buzz TV”, the host answers the question.

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“II extended the invitation to both and it was Oli who acceptedconfides to us the successor of Frédéric Lopez. I think Flo didn’t want to. The conditions may be too difficult for him, he needs more comfort“, adds the globetrotter, recalling that the separation between these two very close brothers was difficult. “They never separate and call each other ten times an hour. It’s the first time they’ve been apart for three weeks without hearing from each other.», adds Raphaël de Casabianca. “It was very hard for Flo who stayed in France. He realized the void it represented. I think it rebalanced their duo. And Oli lived this adventure fully by letting himself be completely carried away“, he says again.

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During the film, which lasts nearly two hours, Oli teases Raphaël de Casabianca about an injury he displays on his lower lip. The latter indicates that it is a disappointment that occurred “during a long tripbut without specifying which one. He details at “Buzz TV”. “It happened to me in Ethiopia with Vianney (filming of the last “Rendezvous in unknown land”Ed.), he tells us. A mosquito bit me. It didn’t develop for months and it came out six or seven months later. We didn’t really know what it was“. And to reassure:It’s nothing serious, it’s part of the journey. Today, there is nothing left, it has been taken care of. I was a little worried when I left but in the end it went well. When traveling, we are confronted with mosquitoes, it’s “Rendez-vous in unknown mosquitoes”!“, he jokes to conclude on the subject.

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