"I have good news and a little less good news": Camille Lellouche, pregnant, makes an announcement that risks dividing her fans

“I have good news and a little less good news”: Camille Lellouche, pregnant, makes an announcement that risks dividing her fans

In a few months, Camille Lellouche will become a mother for the first time. But she will also be able to find her fans on stage once the birth has gone well and she has had enough time to take care of her baby. Moreover, on this subject, the comedian took the floor this Tuesday, June 7 to make an announcement which risks dividing his fans although it is, despite everything, good news.

And good news, the one who recently posed alongside Zinedine Zidane doesn’t always give since she carries life in her rounded belly. Indeed, a few weeks after the announcement of her pregnancy, she gave news to her communities and pushed a “rant” on the myths of this important period in the life of a woman. For her, it would not be as beautiful as some people suggest.

Good and less good news

“I’m so happy to be pregnant, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It’s a very beautiful moment”she explained at first before revealing that it was simply irony : “False, it’s not a good time at all. It’s not a very good time. The good time is when I’m going to give birth, when I’m going to see my baby, the love of my life. That’s a good time!”. But since this speech, the smile seems to have returned to his face. And especially a few hours ago, when she gave news of her tour to her fans.

“My darlings, how are you? I have good and… a little less good news but which will become very very good again”she let go at the beginning of her speech before providing some details: “To be more clear, I had the Olympia on November 9 which was almost complete, so to speak. Except that, as you know, I have a baby in my stomach so it will have to be taken out. So in the month October I’m giving birth, challah! From there, I’ll have to rest a bit and take care of my baby”. In fact, the planned dates will be canceled. Except that Camille Lellouche announced THE long-awaited good news: “To do this, I will therefore postpone this Olympia to February. So November 9 is postponed to February 10 AND, the bonus is that I add two Olympia behind. Which will therefore make February 10, 11, 12. This is great news, I’m so happy!”. There is no doubt that this postponement will make the pill go a little better.

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