“How do you protect your gold without standing guard with a rifle in front of your home?  » Editorial by Charles SANNAT - Insolentiae

“How do you protect your gold without standing guard with a rifle in front of your home? » Editorial by Charles SANNAT – Insolentiae

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents,

One of the main difficulties for savers when they want to buy gold is custody management and therefore risk management.

You all have the image of this cowboy from a western who stands guard with his gun in his hand ready to take off when the first robber arrives in front of the bank which is generally located opposite the saloon in a desert street where the wind blows. the wind and steals the sand. The silence is heavy. The central street is cut with passing grass balls. Then the bandits arrive, the tension mounts, and the music of Ennio Morricone does the rest. Obviously it ends in bloodshed and the sheriff is never sure of winning.

Fortunately, for several decades now the world of banking and economics has learned to manage securities without necessarily resorting to permanent armed men.

Banks know how to keep physical values, gold, silver, coins, currencies of all kinds. The bank branches are secure, the counters have been gradually closed to avoid VMAs as we say in the jargon of the trade. VMA for armed robbery. I had 4 in my old life as a banker and it is very rarely a pleasant moment as the violence is strong, brutal, unpredictable, sudden. Fear too.

Now the only solution for the bad guys to attack physical values ​​is to attack cash transport vans as they used to attack stagecoaches, or even to snatch ATMs, ATMs, tickets which, again, is increasingly rare because security is increasingly reinforced. I’m talking about passive security.

Passive security works and you can use these different methods and techniques to protect your own personal values.

Entrust to third parties.

For several decades, not to say centuries, we have been in the habit of outsourcing the “security” of our physical and now even immaterial values ​​to intermediaries, to third parties called banks. This is the original business of the bank. Protect your money. This is the primary function. The function of granting loans came later and it is a perfectly logical consequence to use the savings of some to finance the projects of others.

When we talk about gold, many individuals and savers have gone through their bank to deposit their gold or jewelry in bank vaults.

The problem is that for a few years and the 2008 crisis, people have been afraid of banks that inspire less confidence.

So where to put your gold when you no longer trust the banks?

This is how dot com companies, .coms, were born. You buy your gold there and they keep it for you. That’s fine, but what if the internet is down or you’re Ukrainian and your company.com reserves just fell on the Russian side?

In short, in cases where we consider gold as an ultimate insurance in the event of highly improbable events but with appalling consequences, it is with oneself that one must have one’s gold.

But then, how to protect it effectively? This is one of the most important and burning questions for holders of physical gold in particular and of precious metals in general.

The 4 dimensions of security.

There are major principles which make it possible to manage and ensure the security of its values.

These main principles, summarized in the diagram above, are broken down into very specific techniques and methods.

It is to answer this question of securing values ​​that I have written for you this special file for the month of June 2022 simply entitled “Where to hide your gold and how to protect your values? »

You will find the answer to all your questions and the best way to protect your assets with the precise declination of the main principles of the security of values.

These techniques come from my banking experience, my experience of armed robberies, and also from my years spent in the world of gold, of which I know the mysteries and also sometimes unmentionable sides.

Yes, passive security is a reality, and it can be extremely effective against burglaries provided you master its aspects, constraints and methods. Moreover, if you do not have gold bars to protect, this will allow you to secure both precious objects and family jewels!

The STRATEGIES folder “Where to hide your Gold and how to protect your values” is online in your readers’ areas and available in download here.

For those who want to subscribe and know how to protect their gold and all other values, all information can be found here.

As a bonus in this file, I tell you how and where to buy gold and precious metals, and also, because it is fundamental, the importance of real interest rates. I explain everything in this file.

In any case, these security techniques and methods are, alas, condemned to be more and more useful given the increase in delinquency and the risk of aggression and theft in our country.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !

Charles SANNAT

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