"Happy birthday. I love you forever": heartbreaking message from Laeticia Hallyday for Johnny's 79th birthday

“Happy birthday. I love you forever”: heartbreaking message from Laeticia Hallyday for Johnny’s 79th birthday

This Wednesday, June 15, Laeticia Hallyday celebrated Johnny Hallyday. She released a moving statement to the rocker who should have celebrated his 79th birthday.

Like every year for four years, it’s a special day for those close to Johnny Hallyday. This Wednesday, June 15, the rocker should have celebrated his 79th birthday if cancer had not taken him away in December 2017. As she is used to since her husband breathed his last, Laeticia Hallyday took hold of his Instagram account to pay tribute to him and commemorate this “day” who is not “like the others”. “How many memories, parties, music and love on June 15 to celebrate you. Tears mingled with joy today in a pure sky, a star will shine more than the others in the firmamentwrote the mother of Jade and Joy, in the caption of a snapshot of her and Johnny Hallyday in black and white. It will enlighten the hearts of millions of people at the same time and ours in particular. It will remind us that you are here, with us, for eternity.”

“Happy Birthday. I love you forever”, concluded Laeticia Hallyday, still moved to celebrate Johnny’s birthday more than four years after his death. Like her, the rocker’s daughters also wanted to honor the memory of their famous dad on this particular day. Like Joy, who posted a long text on her Instagram account. “It’s thanks to you and mom that I am who I am today. Your humor, your jokes, your generosity, your voice, your songs that you sang to me, and the love you had for mom, Jade I miss you and I. Every day I listen to your songs and I think of the most cherished times we spent together in your office watching movies, joking and laughing all 4 with mom and Jade, wrote the young teenager. I hope you’re doing well up there and having a good time. We 4 for life forever without anyone else. My dad, I wish you the happiest of birthdays.”

Laeticia Hallyday, “deeply moved” by a beautiful project

And on this particular day, the relatives of Johnny Hallyday had a great gift: the launch of the exhibition in his homage, which will land in Paris in a few months. “Deeply moved and proud to be able to share this magnificent exhibition in tribute to Johnny. With all the team around me, it is the fruit of two years of work, research, memories that we will soon share with the public.rejoiced Laeticia Hallyday, still on her Instagram account. (…) Through this journey through time, thanks to a multi-sensory and emotional experience, everyone will be able to rediscover or discover the man that Johnny was by associating the spectacular and the intimate. He was much more than a singer, a phenomenon that spanned more than 4 generations, the biggest French star of our time.”With Jalil Lespert and from Paris, it is therefore a special day that Laeticia Hallyday will spend.

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