Giordano tastes success (Vosges Grand Est)


In this third pass through Corcieux, Quentin Giordano perfectly managed his advantage and won for the first time in this event! Behind him, William Wagner was again very fast in this special but failed by less than eight seconds.

Very strong at the end of the rally, Nicolas Ciamin finished in third place and thus remained in contact with Quentin Giordano in the championship standings.

Fighting against Hugo Margaillan throughout the weekend, Quentin Gilbert finally snatched fourth place in this last special, in particular thanks to a small mistake by his young opponent. Behind this duo, Adrien Fourmaux will not have won a regular place today for this exceptional participation in the probably frustrating French championship.

Author of an impeccable weekend, Léo Rossel finished in a superb 10th place overall, winning the Stellantis cup at the same time ahead of Térence Callea and Réhane Gany.

In 16th position, Jean-Nicolas Hot once again shone at home and largely won the FRallyNat group. Also brilliant, Dylan Gagniere imposed his too rare Opel Adam R2 Performance in the R2 class with a fine 17th place, winning ahead of Thomas Capelli.

In the top 30, Patrice Cordier won another victory in the FRC5 group with his Peugeot 106 F212.



Q. Giordano
“This one is really beautiful, it’s at home and it’s almost more emotional than the first one. We wanted to be in the lead after this round, and in addition we are consolidating this first place. This victory is made possible thanks to the team, thanks to them.”
“Really happy, we didn’t give up. I still wanted the scratch in the last but where it was rotten, I relieved a little. It’s still a nice weekend for us.”
N. Ciamin
“We still continued to attack very hard because we felt we had to, and just in case. It’s good to end like this. Compared to the start of the weekend, I think we couldn’t have hoped for better because Quentin, Yoann and William were performing better than us. Now we will have to find more speed to compete with Quentin.”
H. Margaillan
“We really enjoyed ourselves, we made good progress but we will continue to work. Unfortunately, I spun as a beginner in this last special, which is a shame. We will catch up.”
Q. Gilbert
“We finished well, at the foot of the podium. We found the rhythm of the championship, but as usual too late. We had great fun with a big fight against Hugo who is going really fast. The CHL team did a great job. A good weekend anyway. I don’t have a budget, it’s difficult so we’ll see. I would really like to be at Mont-Blanc because it is a rally that is close to my heart.”
“It was nice to come back to asphalt and the French championship. We would have liked to get involved in the fight but we had different problems, another one this afternoon with an exhaust problem. It’s motorsport, that’s how it is. The potential is there but we know where we need to improve.”

NEXT SPECIAL: ES- ( km) from (Thursday 09 June 2022)

Classification SS12 / After SS12 (20.39 km)

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