Fuel: 30 cents, cost price… the calendar and conditions of the discounts, to better find your way around

Fuel: 30 cents, cost price… the calendar and conditions of the discounts, to better find your way around

Faced with rising fuel prices, the government has introduced an exceptional discount at the pump of 18 cents per litre. This device, which was normally due to end on July 31, 2022. TotalEnergies has also announced a rebate. Overview of the dates and terms to remember.

You don’t understand anything anymore? The ads follow one another and you can’t find your way around? We take stock of the various fuel discounts announced by the government in recent weeks, their implementation date and their terms.

September: 20 cents reduction at the pump in Total stations

The company TotalEnergies had announced Friday, July 22 new discounts on its prices. A discount of 20 euro cents per liter will be put in place September 1 to November, 1st. It should then go to 10 cents per liter until December 31, according to what the group announced.

This new discount will replace the summer discount applied only in the group’s motorway stations until August 31. Since July 1, TotalEnergies has been offering a discount of 12 cents on diesel and gasoline (excluding superethanol E85), specifies BFM TV.

September-October: 30 cents discount

The purchasing power law, the text of which must be voted on definitively this Wednesday, August 3, includes the extension of the tariff shield on energy prices until the end of the year and the abolition of the public audiovisual of 138 euros but also, another boost at the pump.

Indeed, as recalled France Bluethe Minister of the Economy found a compromise on fuels with a rebate amounting to 30 euro cents per liter instead of the current 18 euro cents. They were put in place in April and then extended until August 31.

This discount measure of 18 cents/litre of fuel will therefore increase to 30 cents in September and is valid on all fuels, even E85 at the already lower price. If you drive on diesel with your diesel vehicle, you are therefore just as concerned as if you drive on unleaded petrol.

The discount is immediate for the motorist. The price after discount is displayed directly at the pump and via the totem panels at the entrance.

With the discount of 20 cents at the pump announced by TotalEnergies“You would have in some service stations in France a fuel at 1.5 euros”, continued Bruno Le Maire.

This discount, directly deducted from the price displayed at the pump, will then return to only 10 cents in November and December.

Fuel voucher, large wheeler allowance, aid to rural stations… these other tracks

For now, these are just simple suggestions. “The workers’ fuel allowance”, also called “fuel check”, was however swept away by the LR group in the Assembly.

Rural service stations should be supported by the state by the end of the year.

Note: the operation at cost price offered by Leclerc, excluding motorways, was only valid until July 30.

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