Fort Boyard - for the return of the show, 3D tigers disappoint Internet users

Fort Boyard – for the return of the show, 3D tigers disappoint Internet users

True emblems of “Fort Boyard” in the treasure room, the tigers left the show to respect animal welfare. (Screenshot France 2)

This Saturday, July 2, “Fort Boyard” is making a comeback for the 33rd consecutive year! Hosted by Olivier Minne (who is celebrating his 20th year at the presentation of the game), France 2’s summer show is back with its share of new features. Benefits of Father Fouras, return of the Lookout, new events, new roles… followers of the mythical program will not be bored! But “the” big novelty of this season is actually a disappearance: that of the emblematic tigers of the treasure room. Félindra now has to deal with 3D tigers. These tigers, visible regularly in the program broadcast this evening, are very far from being unanimous on the side of the viewers…

Summer has officially started! For the 33rd consecutive yearFort Boyard” is back for nine weeks this summer, on France 2, with a new season called “The nine assets of Father Fouras“. And to mark the occasion, the famous game brings its share of novelties. Indeed, Father Fouras, the legendary owner of the fort tired of having his treasure stolen, now has a secret weapon. This weapon consists of nine cards mistresses which will make it possible to add additional constraints to the various tests. Thus, this Saturday, the evening is placed under the sign of prohibitions: not to shout, to play in duet, not to break an object… that’s for sure , this new season promises to be more full-bodied!Tonight, it is a team made up of Elie Semoun, Loïc Legendre, Gabin Tomasino (known trio in “Ducobu”), Camille Lacourt, Marie S’infiltre and Clémence Botino who inaugurates the summer of France 2!

“Why not a return from Intervilles without cowhide?”

To never tire viewers, the production has set up seven new events: the propellers, the looping, the infernal cell, the tug of war, the path of the spheres, the high voltage or the laboratory will thus punctuate the different adventures. some participants. But obviously, this year, the show is keen to offer the right balance between innovation and nostalgia. Two highlights this evening: first of all, the great return of the famous riddles of Father Fouras in his Lookout. For this event, brilliantly won by Gabin Tomasino, the faithful of the show even had the right to the musical universe of the time!

Second highlight (and not least): the more than noticeable absence of the emblematic tigers from the treasure room. Removed from the show for animal welfare reasons, they have been replaced by virtual tigers, animated in 3D, making regular appearances, especially between events. So as not to forget them, the felines also remain present on the outfits of the candidates or even on the masks of the masters of time. Moreover, Félindra remains at the fort and continues to turn the tiger’s head at the end of the program, to bring down the boyars. But nothing helps. These 3D tigers, already strongly criticized during the broadcast of the trailer for tonight’s show, are far from thrilling the show’s faithful. Some have even made the decision to stop following their favorite program!

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