“Fast-flying planes still make kids dream a little, don't they?  »

“Fast-flying planes still make kids dream a little, don’t they? »

“For once there’s a film we want to see together!” Stéphane was delighted to take his 13-year-old son, Léo, to the cinema to see Top Gun: Maverick. “We even went for a drink together afterwards to talk about it. Well, he didn’t have a beer…”

Behind the tremendous success sequel to the 1986 film at the box office, especially in France with 3.3 million admissions in three weekshides a transgenerational phenomenon confirmed by internet users 20 minutes : number of spectators of Top Gun: Maverick go there with their children. Among the people who responded to our call for contributions, many fathers (and a few mothers) even explained that they went to see the film alone… before returning with their offspring.

” The old Top Gun made me dream when I was a teenager! »

It is, first of all of course, a banal story of transmission. For a whole generation, which basically grew up in the 1980s, Top Gun is a monument of pop culture. It is normal to want to introduce your children to it… “At 8 and 10, my sons are too young to watch Star Wars, of which I am a fan, says Anthony. But Top Gun, it goes. Apart from the love story, I knew they were going to like it. »

Another dad “overwhelmed by the nullity of Marvel films” to which his son and daughter, teenagers, sometimes drag him, was “very proud and fulfilled” that his offspring prefer “to discover the first Top Gun on M6 then the sequel at the cinema rather than going to see the new Jurassic World, which seems to be very lame and not up to Spielberg at all. “A hint of cinephilia in this desire for transgenerational sharing therefore, but above all, a story of father-son bond. An overwhelming majority of testimonials concern dads and their sons. There is thus Steven, who is not afraid of clichés: “This film is a guy thing. I wanted to take my son because I wanted to share this with him, as a father and as a man. The old Top Gun made me dream when I was a teenager! »

“They are super green, planes so so for them”

However, these moments of virile complicity did not always work. “We went to see the film as a family, says Brice. I said to myself: “Planes that go fast still make kids dream a little, don’t they?”. Well, not at all… My children were rather bored. As they are nice they didn’t show it too much because with my wife, we had told them that we loved the first film… But I really felt that there was a gap between us on this film. »

Sonia also had doubts about her nephews’ taste for this kind of film – “they are super green, planes so so for them” – but took them to a session all the same. “There are no more blockbusters like that, real awesome movies with heroes who don’t have superpowers. Top Gun, it’s a genre of film on the verge of extinction. We must hurry to see them on the big screen before there are no more at all. »

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