Eric Antoine in the face of horror: "I found the corpse of my best friend"

Eric Antoine in the face of horror: “I found the corpse of my best friend”

Eric Anthony is in the spotlight this Friday, August 5, 2022, in TVMagazine. The 45-year-old presenter and magician-comedian was chosen to present Traitors. A new entertainment show in which personalities are named as traitors or loyal people. And they must do everything not to be unmasked. A program which will kick off on August 17 on M6. The one who is in charge was therefore questioned on the subject but also made much more personal confidences.

On television, Eric Antoine embodies good humor and joy. It’s always a pleasure for M6 viewers to find him again and the channel knows it since it entrusts him with more and more shows. In addition to traitorsthe public will have the pleasure of finding him in season 3 of Lego Mastersin the second issue of Who can beat us? and Largest Karaoke in France as well as in the 17th season ofAmazing talent. He is also on stage to defend his show grow a little.

And currently, Calista’s husband is in the middle of writing a book that will reveal a whole different side of him. “I lived through difficult times. I found the body of my best friend, saw that of my father and accompanied my mother in death. In this book, I tell something even more violent… The working title is The man who wanted to be lovedbecause it shows how much those traumas shaped me as someone who needed to be liked by everyone because he hated himself. The writing is painful, more intimate than what I have written so far“, confided Eric Antoine to TV Magazine. No doubt he can count on his dear and tender as well as his children Raphaël and Ulysse (11 and 7 years old) to give him a smile

This is not the first time that Eric Antoine confides in one of his painful ordeals. In 2014, with Here, he already mentioned the death of his best friend: “I found my dead diabetic best friend at his house…“An ordeal that “highlighted the intensity of life”. And in 2018, with FranceInfo, he evoked the death of his mother which occurred in 2008, because of a cancer which she had hidden from him until his last breath. “I resented him, yes and no. I found that it was still an absolute greatness, to leave the planet without seeking to be regretted. (…) People who feel that they are going to die sometimes enter into a sort of redemption: this is the moment when everyone has to love us and when we become nice again, when we have been a bitch all his life. This last-minute search for love is a way of gaining power over people. And she preferred to open her hands even more when she saw death approaching”, he said in particular. Ten years before, he had had to face the death of his dad.

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