End of the thermal car: what help to change vehicle?

End of the thermal car: what help to change vehicle?

A number of national and local aids coexist to change cars and switch, among other things, to electric. The ecological bonus, currently at 6000 euros, should be extended on July 1st.

While Europe has just recorded the end of sales of new thermal cars in 2035, a look back at the purchase aid currently available to change cars. In France, two main systems have been coexisting for several years at the national level: the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus.

• The ecological bonus

The ecological bonus allows you to obtain a reduction on the purchase of a new or used car, mainly 100% electric or plug-in hybrid. It is obtained without conditions of resources according to the purchase price of the vehicle.

Currently, for individuals, it is set at 6,000 euros for the purchase of a new 100% electric car up to 45,000 euros (and within the limit of 27% of the amount: for a Dacia Spring at 19,290 euros for example, the bonus is thus 5208 euros).

Between 45,000 and 60,000 euros, the bonus drops to 2,000 euros.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles with at least 50 kilometers of autonomy can also receive aid of 1,000 euros, if their price does not exceed the amount of 50,000 euros.

There is also a bonus for the purchase of a used electric car, of 1000 euros.

From July 1, the ecological bonus must be lowered to 5,000 euros (and 1,000 euros for cars over 45,000 euros), but if the announcement has not yet been made officially, it is looming that the device would be maintained, at least for six months.

• The conversion bonus

Another important device: the conversion bonus. It can be associated with the bonus if an old thermal vehicle is scrapped.

The scale, quite complex, depends on the reference income per share of a tax household, or its home-work journey or even the annual mileage. The aid also varies according to the vehicle scrapped, diesel from before 2011 or petrol from before 2006, and the car purchased, new or used.

The conversion premium can reach 5,000 euros for the purchase of an electric or rechargeable hybrid car, 3,000 euros for a recent thermal car (Crit’Air 1 therefore petrol or hybrid registered since 2011) and 1,100 euros for a 2-wheeler, 3 wheels, quadricycle.

• Local aid

Many local authorities offer their own purchasing aids. The site put online by the Ministry of Ecological Transition “I change my car” lists the aid offered by the regions, departments and cities. Aid which is most of the time cumulative with national aid such as the ecological bonus.

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