Diablo Immortal: a new scandal with quotas to curb F2P players?  Our explanations

Diablo Immortal: a new scandal with quotas to curb F2P players? Our explanations

news tip Diablo Immortal: a new scandal with quotas to curb F2P players? Our explanations

Since its release, Diablo Immortal has been heavily criticized for the choices that have been made regarding its economic model. Despite everything, some players still defend the fact of being able to progress, even in free to play. However, Blizzard would have implemented a system to limit this progression! We explain everything to you in this article.

Extreme microtransactions

What makes a lot of talk about Diablo: Immortal since its launch, it is its economic model that is, to say the least, limited. Indeed, via real money you will simply be able to have equipment. The purchase is therefore not limited to cosmetic items.

However, as we told you in a previous article, you will have to spend crazy sums to be able to benefit from quality equipment. In effect, according to estimates, “we would be around €100,000 on average per player. ”’

If we say on average, it is also simple, because paying does not give you legendary equipment directly, but simply chances to have some. Thus, a few days ago a video featuring the Quin streamer who spent $10,000 and failed to get a single 5-star gem was buzzing.

Restrictions for free to play players

But faced with these revelations, some players continue to defend the game, indicating that even if it is harder, it is theoretically possible to have the same equipment than people who crack and take out the blue card to get their hands on it.

The problem is that we were already talking about it a few days ago, the pity system fact that the chances of having the most powerful equipment were ridiculously low in free to play. But today, the revelations of a player on YouTube caused quite a stir and for good reason.

Indeed, Ecohack played the game a lot and started to realize that the more he played, the lower the chances of getting quality equipment. He then began to do his research and here are the results of this investigation.

  • Legendary gear spawn rate greatly decreases after finding 6
  • More rewards from side quests and random events once you’ve done 5 of them
  • Purple bosses no longer give rewards once you kill 5 of them

These limits are certainly reset at the end of the day, but the problem is that it is clearly seen that the goal is to hinder free to play players in order to frustrate them and tempt them to pay . If for the moment, there was no official response from Blizzard, this will not help to calm the anger of the players, far from it.

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