"Completely traumatic": Internet users are horrified by this new Netflix film

“Completely traumatic”: Internet users are horrified by this new Netflix film

Italy, 1975. Three students at a Catholic high school for sons of good families rape and torture two girls, aged 17 and 19. Rosaria will succumb to her injuries, while Donatella will be found in the trunk of a car. The story of the “Massacre of Circeo” is the subject of a film, The Scuola Cattolica, available on Netflix since September 14th. If the film is inspired by a true story, it draws its plot from the eponymous 1300-page novel by Edoardo Albinati, the author having attended the same boarding school as the perpetrators of this terrible massacre. The filmmaker’s new feature film Stefano Mordiniknown in France for his film The Invisible Witness (2018), caused amazement and awe among subscribers to the Netflix platform.

The Scuola Cattolica (Netflix): inspired by a true story, the film shocks internet users

The facts occurred in a villa belonging to the father of one of the three torturers, in Circeo, a wealthy seaside resort south of Rome. In 1975, 19-year-old Gianni Guido, 20-year-old Angelo Izzo and 22-year-old Andrea Ghira were arrested by the police for the murder of Rosaria Lopez and for the kidnapping, torture and sexual assault of Donatella Colasanti. The dread reaches its peak in this film, judging by the first impressions of Internet users on Twitter. “Very sordid and very gloomy news item, somewhere between Sicilian Ghost Story, RiotClub and Michel Franco“, “This movie is completely traumatic“, “Absolutely disgusting, the crimes these boys did to these girls, it’s insane“, can we read for example.

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The Scuola Cattolica (Netflix): “It’s chilling, especially when you know it’s a true story

It’s chilling, especially when you know it’s a true story“, reacts another Internet user. Among the protagonists, one is fascinated by death, the other has sadistic inclinations, and all are attracted to sex. If their heinous acts upset the school and the entire community at At the time, these three young men will all have more or less managed to escape justice over the years: Andrea Ghira will die of an overdose, Gianni Guido will be pardoned and will see his sentence reduced, and finally Angello Izzo, meanwhile. , will kill two more women before being re-sentenced to life in prison.”Again, men get away with torturing women“, indignantly a user on Twitter. “A fine demonstration of the toxicity of religious hypocrisy to claim perfection“, also reacts another.

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